100 WC – My food

I open my lunchbox, licking my lips. It smells delicious. I look inside to see my favourite foods, steaming rice and daal with naan. I don’t hesitate to dig in, but I’m interrupted by a girl across from me.

“Ew!” She spits at me. “What is that?”

I look at the ground, embarrassed. She has a lunchbox full of pizza and tiny teddies.

“My lunch,” I respond timidly.

She snorts. “I just couldn’t eat something so – so” She looks lost for words.

“Different?” I ask.

“I guess,” she says, shrugging, and pops a tiny teddy in her mouth.


My goal for this 100 WC was to do something with a character that less of us can relate to at our school. Our school has mainly kids who eat the same stuff as each other, but we may have a few who don’t. Some kids come from other countries (Like India the one I chose for this piece) For them it’s different. They don’t always have the same food we do.  I wanted to have a character who is of a different race.

(Sorry if I spelt any of the foods wrong or it didn’t make sense)

BTN – North Korea.

This BTN was about North Korea and their recent treats to bomb the U.S and Australia. It talked about the reasons why we don’t need to worry too much and why we will be okay.

The first fact was that North Korea has been threatening other countries for years, but has never actually ended up bombing or doing anything. They have also started releasing YouTube videos about bombing the U.S excepted they have never actually ended up doing anything like that.

North Korea also loves to brag about their weapons and how powerful they are, when most of it isn’t true. They claim to have things that don’t even exist yet and show off weapons in parades that experts say are fake.

North Korea has ten estimated nuclear weapons.This may seem like a lot, but in reality if they were to start a nuclear war, they might not have the best time, trying to beat the U.S (who are allies of Australia) who have around 7000 war heads.

Two questions were, what is Donald Trump planning to do about this and what is he saying about it?

An insight was that I wish the world was more peaceful. I know this is common and not very original, but it would make life so much easier for everyone.

100 WC – the slime dripped through

My goal for this 100 WC is to make it creepy and leave you wanting more. I want to do this by using 2nd person (We did this, We did that) and making the reader wonder who is talking.

We watch as Ellie walks through the attic, her feet make the floorboards creak, and she jumps. It’s pitch black for her, she can’t see a thing. We laugh to ourselves silently. Her eyes are wide and she keeps looking straight at us, crouched on the floor but doesn’t see a thing. Nobody ever sees a thing. The slime drips through the ceiling. We hear the creature above start to move towards her. She screams and tries to run away towards the window. We can’t keep it in! We start laughing. The human pushes the window, with the last of her strength, but she can’t. Goodbye Ellie…

BTN – River Kids

BTN homework:

The BTN I chose for this week was called the River Kids. It was a 15 minute long video talking about the Murray River and how it effects some kids and there daily lives and why they need and depend on it. This is what I got from this video:

The first kid that they talked about depended on the river to fish. Murray cod is a type of fish that are specific to the Murray River. Instead of killing the Murray Cod or eating them, Jock would release them so that they could go off and breed and populate the river. But they also would catch Carp and Red Fin, other types of fish and try to get them out of the river to stop them from overpopulating it. This was because there were too many of them and they were a threat to Cod.

The second story I found interesting was of two girls who lived on a vineyard farm. Basically what a vineyard farm is, is that they grow grapes and they are usually made for wine. Where they live it gets dry in the summer so they had to use to water of the Murray River to solve that, but they have to pay for the water they use. This is because if everyone had free access to the water, it would run out almost instantly. It isn’t a infinite water source and it’s important that people don’t take too much.

Finally there was a group of kids who were year 11 who came to the Murray River to learn about the science of the River. By the looks of it they learnt a lot about fish and about the water. I think this was a good idea because people should be learning more about their environment. I don’t live anywhere near the Murray River but watching this video really made me happy that they are doing stuff like this.

One more insight I had was that I’m glad they made this BTN. I didn’t know much about the Murray River before this, but now I want to help and I know more.

A question was what other animals other fish depend on the Murray and what would actually happen if the Murray was taken away from these people?

100 WC – Ant

My goal for this 100 WC was to write in realistic fiction. I write a lot of fantasy and I wanted to try something new.

Half way through our picnic I saw an ant. To me this was nothing, maybe even a little annoying, but to my daughter this was amazing. Like the curious kid she was she followed the ant. After a while I decided to follow her, because I didn’t wan’t her getting lost. So I found her and there she was. I crouched down and watched the ant with her for a while. This annoying little guy that was stealing food at our picnic was pushing water. Pushing a tiny drop of water that would be a boulder to him. It was a little thing but to me it was amazing.

100 WC – Caught in the act

She’s metres away from us. She’s chasing us as we run through the castle. She’s laughing, like we have no chance, but we can’t give up. Not now. My legs ache, but fear has taken over and I don’t – I won’t stop running.

Finally. That magic cracked stone wall is ahead of us. I turn to the stranger. He turns to me. We’ve done it. We are going to make it out alive. I can almost grasp back on to my life. Get it back. Live life again. We run threw the wall, but it’s too late. She’s frozen us.


My goal for this 100 WC was to use interesting sentence fluency.  I tried writing lots of small sentences in a row. I’d like to use this technique in future writing.

BTN – Anh Do




This video was about Anh Do, a refugee from Vietnam who arrived to Australia when he was 2 years old. He has grown up to become a bestselling author and his brother became the Australian of the year Here is what I got from the video:

Anh Do and his family travelled to Australia on a boat. They were travelling for five days before being picked up by a German ship and dropped off at Australia. Anh Do said that Australia really accepted him and welcomed him and his family with open arms. An insight on this was that Australia has really changed since 1851 when Australians believed that the Chinese were stealing their money and wanted to create laws to keep them away. Australia has really grown to become more loving and accepting and less racist. Another fact was that Anh Do left Vietnam because of the war that was going on. He said that his Uncle was a sapper for the war (someone who clears land mines)

Something that fascinated me he said was that the crew on board wanted to take him and his family in on the boat but the captain would only do it if their ship was sinking. So they tossed him and axe and since no one could understand German on his ship, his father had to figure out they wanted him to make a hole in the boat. It was a huge act of kindness.

Two questions were, did Ahn ever experience major racism that effected him and did he ever face any huge problems with being a refugee?

100 WC – Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera

It really was hard to imagine anything more beautiful than that small animal. I stood in the jungle, my hands not yet as wrinkled and elderly as the ones I have today, clutching the old camera. The animal glanced up at me with black worried eyes, but didn’t run away as I raised my rusty brown camera and snapped a photo. I still don’t know if I regret not selling that photo. I mean, if I did, I’d be filthy rich. But in a way it’s like keeping a forever hidden secret. I know about something that nobody else does.

Why ‘The Power to make Laws for All’ is the most important reason for Federation.

The reason ‘The Power to make Laws for All’ is the most important reason for Federation in Australia is because as one country, it is easier to make new laws for the country. Most people wanted to make laws about Migration (banning immigrants from Australia, such as the Chinese, to stop them from taking their money) which is another big reason for Federation. People also wanted to give women the right to vote, because at the time, only men could. If all the colonies united to become one they could enforce laws to shape Australia into the country we know today.

BTN – Federation in Australia

This video was about the federation of Australia, and some important events in it’s history. Here is what I got from this video:

In 1642 a Dutch explorer discovered Tasmania. If he had claimed the land and built a colony of his own, Australia wouldn’t be what it is today. We would all probably speak Dutch. It was actually claimed in 1770 by James Cook (Captain Cook) who claimed it as Britain. I was wondering why James didn’t claim it first?

Another fact was that the train tracks in Victoria and Melbourne were different sizes. I was wondering why it was like this? Was it because they wanted to be as separated as possible? Or did it just turn out like that?  

My final fact was that the bigger colonies were worried that they would have to provide the smaller ones with money. An insight was that it seemed very separated back then and very different from the country we know today.