100 WC – Caught in the act

She’s metres away from us. She’s chasing us as we run through the castle. She’s laughing, like we have no chance, but we can’t give up. Not now. My legs ache, but fear has taken over and I don’t – I won’t stop running.

Finally. That magic cracked stone wall is ahead of us. I turn to the stranger. He turns to me. We’ve done it. We are going to make it out alive. I can almost grasp back on to my life. Get it back. Live life again. We run threw the wall, but it’s too late. She’s frozen us.


My goal for this 100 WC was to use interesting sentence fluency.  I tried writing lots of small sentences in a row. I’d like to use this technique in future writing.

BTN – Anh Do




This video was about Anh Do, a refugee from Vietnam who arrived to Australia when he was 2 years old. He has grown up to become a bestselling author and his brother became the Australian of the year Here is what I got from the video:

Anh Do and his family travelled to Australia on a boat. They were travelling for five days before being picked up by a German ship and dropped off at Australia. Anh Do said that Australia really accepted him and welcomed him and his family with open arms. An insight on this was that Australia has really changed since 1851 when Australians believed that the Chinese were stealing their money and wanted to create laws to keep them away. Australia has really grown to become more loving and accepting and less racist. Another fact was that Anh Do left Vietnam because of the war that was going on. He said that his Uncle was a sapper for the war (someone who clears land mines)

Something that fascinated me he said was that the crew on board wanted to take him and his family in on the boat but the captain would only do it if their ship was sinking. So they tossed him and axe and since no one could understand German on his ship, his father had to figure out they wanted him to make a hole in the boat. It was a huge act of kindness.

Two questions were, did Ahn ever experience major racism that effected him and did he ever face any huge problems with being a refugee?

100 WC – Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera

It really was hard to imagine anything more beautiful than that small animal. I stood in the jungle, my hands not yet as wrinkled and elderly as the ones I have today, clutching the old camera. The animal glanced up at me with black worried eyes, but didn’t run away as I raised my rusty brown camera and snapped a photo. I still don’t know if I regret not selling that photo. I mean, if I did, I’d be filthy rich. But in a way it’s like keeping a forever hidden secret. I know about something that nobody else does.

Why ‘The Power to make Laws for All’ is the most important reason for Federation.

The reason ‘The Power to make Laws for All’ is the most important reason for Federation in Australia is because as one country, it is easier to make new laws for the country. Most people wanted to make laws about Migration (banning immigrants from Australia, such as the Chinese, to stop them from taking their money) which is another big reason for Federation. People also wanted to give women the right to vote, because at the time, only men could. If all the colonies united to become one they could enforce laws to shape Australia into the country we know today.

BTN – The first fleet / The encounter




The videos we watched were about the English people coming to Australia for the first time. One was in the Aboriginals point of view: (Aboriginals point of view). And one from the English’s point of view: (English’s point of view).

Here is what I got from the first one:

The English brought cows to Australia. In the video Waruwi saw a cow for the first time. They weren’t familiar with them, because cows don’t live in the bush. It gave her a warning when she heard the drummer boy. The second fact was that the aboriginals thought the cow was a monster. She said that it had four legs and chewed the ground. Hearing her say that made me think of myself in her shoes. If I saw a cow for the first I’d be scared too! My final fact was that the aboriginals called the English people the ghost people.

Two questions I had were; did the English people harm the aboriginals when they discovered them? And what did the Aboriginals think of the ghost people? Were they afraid they would harm them? Did they think they were like animals?

An understanding was that Waruwi must have been very confused with the cow and the ghost people. It is very different to the way she must have lived before.

Here is what I got from the second video:

The first thing I learnt was that in London the population was very high therefore not enough work for everyone and that meant that there was mass poverty. This lead the crime rates to go up, and people needed to steal to survive and feed their families. 

The second fact I got was that the jails were so crowded they needed to take them to Australia. That fact gave me a good feel of how crowed London really was and how desperate people really were. Finally my last fact was that more than 700 convicts were jammed onto the ships that took them to New South Wales, 20 of them died.

Two questions were, what did the convicts think about Australia and what were the different punishments for different crimes?

An understanding was that it must of been very hard to survive as someone poor back then. Stealing might have been your last resort, but it was so hard to get away with it.


Reflection of camp

From the 20th of February to the 24th the grade 5/6’s went to Cape Bridge-water coastal camp. It was about a three minute walk to the beach from where we were staying, and most of us said it was the best camp we had ever been to. In my opinion I really liked it. It really stretched most kids (even me) out of our comfort zone. We did a large range of activities; Archery, Surfing, seal tours, abseiling, snorkelling, sand boarding, and caving. It might seem like a lot for five days and trust me it was. By the end we were all so exhausted we could barely stay awake, but it was lots of fun. Two of my favourite things were doing the seal tours and caving.

We started off the seal tours by getting in a boat. The waves on the ocean that day were really high, so when we went on it, it was like a roller-coaster! We went against the waves so we kept going up and down. After we pulled over and stopped going up and down we saw seals. They were light grey and brown, and super energetic! The best part was that they weren’t afraid of us! They didn’t come to close but they didn’t swim away! It was super fun to see seals in their natural habitats and not in zoos.

My favourite thing was caving! Although I chose to wear my white pants on the wrong day! We got super dirty in the end from crawling under tight spaces, climbing up ledges, rolling, etc. At one point to get under a tight space, it was easier to roll side ways than to crawl! Then after that, we actually crawled in a tunnel, in the dark! There were also frogs that lived in an open space. They live under rocks and around there. The man touring us said that they had fallen through a big hole that stretched from the grass above, to the cave and got stuck. We wore miner helmets that had lights on them although I still found it hard to see. I thought that caving was super fun!

Like I said, we didn’t just do caving and seal tours but those were my favourite things. Abseiling might have been the scariest one because we walked down a cliff basically!  It was the best camp I had ever been to! The activities made everyone go out of their comfort zone and we all had lots of fun! It was a lot of activities and events going on, but everything we did from the talent show, to archery was amazing. If I ever get the chance to go back, I’ll do it.

My SRC application.

My name is Brynn and I have been going to this school for 3 years. SRC is a role that I’d love to have. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to be an SRC yet, but I’m really hoping that this year I can switch things around and finally get the chance to represent our fantastic school. Obviously since I’m up here and speaking to all of you, I believe that I am a great option to be a school representative. To be an SRC there are some things that will help you to be one. I believe that the things you need are; organisation, leadership, responsibility, and to be a great example to our school values.

Organisation. I’ve noticed that people tend to struggle with this one the most, and I’m not gonna lie, it’s not my strong point. But it is an area I’ve made huge improvements on over the past year. Organisation can be always remembering SRC meetings, to not forgetting a pencil everywhere you go. Both of these things are still examples of organisation student representatives may have to face. Some people think that organisation is just having a specific schedule. I think it’s always completing what tasks you have set like homework and making sure you are conscious of your time. I know that I have these traits. I am always finishing tasks in and out of school.

Leadership. Even if you aren’t a leader, SRC can help with that. I do consider myself as a leader and I think every person in this room should, but the question is if you are a good one. There isn’t actually good or bad leaders, but there are leaders that have more strong points. I’ll go over the other things that make me and everyone a better leader but then again these are things that help me to do my best at SRC.

Responsibility. Responsibility has a lot of elements. Being a role model is one of them. Being a role model is a big part of SRC. Your representing your school! If the younger grades that are in SRC are watching you muck around with your friend they’ll assume your doing the right thing! You need to show them and the whole school, what a good SRC looks like. Another element of responsibility is that people trust you to get something done or to act mature. At times we are all silly. With our friends mainly. But responsibility is acting mature when you know it’s needed. Like in meetings.

This has to do with being an example of our school values, and I’m positive you all know them, but for the sake of it, I’ll repeat them. Respect, optimism, care, and collaboration. I know I’ve talked a lot about being a role model, but I think it’s very important. Finally, it has to do with showing new parents to the school and children what our school stands for. SRC is a way to represent your school and showing what an amazing school it is.

Thank you.

BTN – The sizes and scales of our solar system.

This video was about what the sizes and scales of our solar system really are, and how a group of people made a time lapse to give us the real perspective of what it really looks like.

The first thing I learnt was that if you search up a picture of the solar system, what you find isn’t actually what the scale is. The video states that in pictures the Earth and The Moon, are shown very close together, when in reality they are farther apart. The second fact was that, you need 7 miles of empty space to make an actual model, and finally I learnt that, Venus is the same size as the Earth. Two understandings I got were that lot’s of people don’t understand how big the Earth is and gave me an understanding of how different in terms of sizes the planets are. A question was, has anyone else made an accurate model of the solar system?

Forest Clan

Forest clan.

It was amazing to see that with the raise of my hand life could appear in front of my very own eyes in disguise of a mere flower. I whipped my head around, pleased to see the many amazed faces of my peers. Their eyes sparkled with admiration.

“That’s amazing Zanna!” Winter exclaimed her eyes focused on the tulip.

Pride swelled up in me. A clear picture of me growing trees with my mind started to enter my thoughts.

Winter stepped in front of me indicating my glory was over. She raised her hand and a small oak sapling rose out of the ground.

I rolled my eyes. Of course Winter decided to outdo me. My face felt hot. I scrunched up my nose and impatiently started tapping my foot.

A shout rung in my ears, pulling me out of my jealous trance. My stomach dropped and my shoulders felt heavy. Aven, the most experienced elder, was calling my name.

Afraid of making her angry, I ran up to her. She looked down on me, her cold grey eyes piercing into mine.

“Come with me,” she hissed, grabbing my arm aggressively.

I racked my brains as we walked. What could I have done? Aven seemed impatient and in a rush.

We continued to walk through the forest away from Clan Central. Finally we made it to Elder Territory. I sat down on a fallen log only to be quickly stood up again.

“You need to go,” She snapped.

Dread filled my stomach.

“What?” I asked, my voice cracking.

“You need to go, I said!” She hissed.

Normally I would feel upset about news like this, but I was more confused than anything. Where do I need to go? Why do I need to go?

“Find your Father and go,” Aven spat. “I don’t care if you have to travel to a Water Clan. Just leave!”

She moved from where she was standing, grabbed my arm, and pushed me towards my shelter.

I felt frozen. I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to leave my home, the Forest Clan, my friends.

“Go!” She shouted, with such force that I moved without thinking.

I ran to the tent where my Father and I lived, the wind blowing my hair in my face. I saw him with his head in his hands, sitting on the floor of our tent.

“What did you do?” I cried, my voice cracking, salty tears running down my face. My world felt destroyed. I could see it crumbling before my eyes.

“Sweetie listen,” He said so softly it sounded like a whisper.

“Don’t you sweetie me!” I hissed and yelled at the same time. “Tell me what’s going on! Where are we going?”

“There is another Forest Clan somewhere,” He said raising his head to look at me an inch. “But that will be a long journey.”

“Explain to me why we are going!” I yelled again.

We walked through the central of the clan silently. I saw my friends laughing and joking around with each other in the distance.

With my hand I wiped away the left over tears on my face and kept my head down low to avoid the embarrassment of them seeing my crying.

“Where are you going?” Winter cheerfully asked running up to me.

Her green T-shirt and pants were covered in dirt. Her blonde hair was covered by such a thick layer of mud and soil it was hard to tell it was blonde.

I just shook my head and walked away regretting not saying bye almost instantly. As we walked out of the forest, it hit me. That was the last time I would see Winter. Sadness filled my stomach, while my eyes focused on the grass below me.

After waling for a while, the trees disappeared and a grassy field was ahead of us. Yellow daises were scattered across the grass.

My legs ached from walking. I could see the exhaustion on my Father’s face.

“Let’s rest,” He said to me. “I’ve packed the tent.”

Although we were tired, the tent was put up quickly, but quietly, do to our Forest Clan skills.

Father pulled some sticks he packed out of his bag and made a campfire.

I kept my head down low trying to avoid eye contact with him, as we sat near the campfire. The silence lingered for a long time biting down on me.

“In the world there are many Clans,” My Father started. I sighed. If I had a coin for every time he told me that story. Memories of me as a young child being told the story almost made me smile. I caught myself.

“No one knows exactly how many Clans, each one has some kind of element or theme such as Water, Fire, Air, Jungle, Ground, etc.”

I smirked without thinking.

“Dad I know!” I said but then quickly dropped my head down low again.

“But there are also outsiders, called Humans,” He continued. “Humans are creatures blessed with creativity and intelligence, but cursed with greed and selfishness.”

He paused. I looked up slightly and studied his brown eyes and wrinkles. His eyes flashed yellow from the fire.

“Most humans don’t know about us. So if they see a Clan member great consequences may happen. They could either be sentenced to death or forced to leave based on the Clan,” He said.

I looked up. I had never heard this part of the story. Father stared at me with his dark brown eyes. I could see the dark circles under his eyes and wrinkles around his mouth.

“Why can’t they know about us?” I whispered putting the pieces together.

“Like I said before, humans are cursed with greed. Imagine how much ‘money’ they would get if they got a clan member on camera.”

“Did they?” I asked, my head spinning.


“Did they get you on camera?” I asked again.

“No,” He answered. “But it’s still too risky to be where that person was.”

“Why did I have to come to?”

My head was spinning with questions. Why? When? Where? I had so many more.

“I don’t know Zanna.” He said. “I think it’s time for bed.”

I could see the sadness in his eyes.

“But I have so many questions!” I yelled at him angrily.

“Good night!” He said gritting his teeth.

“Fine!” I exclaimed. “This is all your fault!” The words slipped out before I could stop them. I walked to the tent slowly.

The next morning I awoke on the ground to see my Father packing up the tent. I could almost see a raincloud about his head as he sleepily took it down.

He glanced my way, then quickly finished packing it up.

“We will arrive to the new clan today.” He said.

We walked across the field and up some hills until the trees came into our vision.

I squinted and stared off trying to unpack what could be through the trees. Thoughts of me having no friends in my new clan started to flash through my brain.

I looked up at my Father and resisted the strong urge to speak and ask him more questions.

We walked further until I finally laid eyes clan members.

My stomach dropped so quickly and unexpectedly that I leaned over and gagged. Panic rushed through me.

Eyes darted my way. They settled on me, judging, or so I though.

Panic darted around my stomach until I stopped it. I took a deep breath and tried to look around, focus on my surroundings. Still that tiny bit of panic sitting in my stomach.

A tap on my shoulder brought me back to reality.

“They say our shelter is over there.” Father said pointing to the left.

We walked that way until we saw a similar tent to our old one, its white fabric was held up by dark brown sticks.

“Excuse me,” A soft voice said behind us. I whipped my head around to see a girl who looked about twelve or thirteen years old behind me.

She had long curly red hair and bright piercing green eyes. Freckles we scattered across her nose and cheeks and she wore a brown dress

“I’m April,” She said. “Welcome to our Forest Clan.” She gently smiled at me.

“Over there is the Main Clan.” She pointed. “Follow me.”

“I’ll be there in a second,” I said back.

She ran off.

I looked up at my Father, who stood there watching April.

I ran up and hugged him. The warm embrace sent that tiny bit of panic in my stomach flying out.

“Thank you,” I whispered, and ran off to follow April.”



E – Safety :) With Zoe

This webinar was created to educate kids on scams and security. It was aimed at children in grades 3-6 about awareness of the internet and scams you might come across. From this, we should try to explore websites and get a better understandings of security and scams. It’s showed us that we have to be a little more careful and that’s what we are going to do. Maybe, they could’ve done more inclusive things.