Sturt’s Desert Pea adaptation predictions.

For our adaptations research project we’ve all been given a plant or animal to research that’s habitat is a desert. We also need to think about it’s adaptations. We are allowed to research them but first we need predictions, so we can reflect on them.

Here are my adaptation predictions for the Sturt’s Desert Pea:

If you didn’t know, Sturt’s desert pea is a red flower with black balls or peas inside of it. One of my predictions is that when the Sturt’s desert pea is dying, it will drop it’s peas that will act like seeds. They could be carried by things like sticking to animals or by the wind but they could also just stay where the flower died. This way it stays in a place with vegetation and grow, as opposed to being carried to some sandy spot in the desert where they could be buried or eaten by animals.

I also have a prediction that the layer covering the black pea may protect it from being eaten by animals? I’m not sure how this could work but I think the cover might it protect it in some way. The pea might be a very important necessary for it to survive.

Maybe the cover keeps it moist and keeps and stores the water inside of it. This is related to my previous prediction but more about keeping it hydrated and less about keeping itself safe.

Dear Ant…

Dear Ant,

My name is Brynn and I am 11 years old. I will be turning 12 on the 18th of May this year. My favourite subjects are reading, writing, and speaking and listening! I came to this school in year 4 from America, but I definitely like Australia better (but don’t tell my friends in America!) My favourite colours are blue, teal, and pink. My favourite book is a book called the book thief that I started and finished this year. It is a book set in Nazi Germany and is about a girl who finds a love of reading and steals books. I won’t spoil it for you but it has a lot of death in it, so if you don’t like that stuff, I wouldn’t recommend it.  At the moment I am reading the hunger games though.

Okay so that’s enough about random little facts about me I wanted to get out there. Now I’ll talk a bit about my holidays. Most of my holidays took place in Tasmania. Tasmania has the freshest air on earth. If you didn’t know, Tasmania is famous for it’s nature and beautiful sights. We visited a lot of places in the two weeks we were there. Some really memorable sights were; a forest that we visited with massive trees. It took a very long time to hike but we got ice cream in the end. It was very beautiful there. The Nut was a high hill, that we took a chair lift up. We saw wallabies at the top as well. There was many beaches we visited too so we had sand everywhere by the end. At one point we camped so close to a beach, it took 5 seconds to walk there! It was called White Sand beach. Those were some highlights. Here are a couple photos we took.Some of them weren’t from White Sand beach, The Nut, and the forest but they were still fun.




After we got back from Tasmania, we didn’t do much. We had 2 weeks left and nothing to do but go to the pool. Eventually, I got into loom bands. It was a great way to pass the time. I wouldn’t call my self an expert, but I made some cool loom bands! Here are some that I made; Bon Bon BraceletRainbow Loom Fishtail Pattern – Instructables Rainbow Loom Starburst BraceletBasic Rainbow Loom Bracelet.

The holidays are over now, so there is a lot too think about school, and lot’s of things we wanted to improve and get better at. I’m excited to learn and to get to know some of the year 5’s that I won’t see next year. We do a lot of goal setting at school, but I think it’s a great system to make us think about how we would like to become better leaders and just people in general. I’m confident at some subjects and things, but of course everyone has room for improvement. I think knowing someone else’s goals is good as well because then you could help them and remind them about things. This is why I’d like to share some of my goals.

  • To listen to the teacher more. Maybe it doesn’t seem like it, but a lot of the time I zone out if something is too hard for me or boring. Sometimes this can be bad because it might be something important that I needed to listen to.
  • To try and become less sensitive. I would call myself a very sensitive person. Sometimes this is good, I can easily help others who may be sad or upset or apologise if I’ve done something wrong because I know where they are coming from, but personally I think this is a bad trait. I don’t like the feeling of getting everything I want just because I got upset, or feel my face burning just because the teacher told me I got the answer wrong. Of course when I look back on these situations, I think; Oh at least I tried. No one can get everything right. But while these things are taking place, I want to just hide so that no one can see me, although I know no one cares. The reason that I’m not afraid to share this is because it’s something I know others may know about and in the end it’s not too embarrassing to share it. My goal is to try to see the situations as if it’s a couple hours later and I’m over it. To think; Ah well, I tried and that’s okay. Or, well you can’t get everything in life.
  • To think before I act. Although this may seem easy this goal is very difficult at times. When I’m in the moment, I don’t think. I know many people that are very careful about those things but I am not. When I look back at the things I said or did, I feel very bad. I think that’s a good thing though. That I look back at these moments and feel regret. It’s very important that you care for others, but now all I need to work on, is not starting the problems in the first place.
  • To not be as hard on myself. I notice that I am very hard on myself with several different situations. Sports, subjects I’m not very confident, and just in general. This is something that should help me with my confidence and leadership

Those are somethings that I’d like to improve on, but of course there are things I love about myself and am confident on. Things like my reading, my writing, my public speaking, etc. It’s important to have things that you want to improve on and you are confident with. This year I am excited to complete my goals and find new things I love to do.