My prepared speech on chip packages without air/gas

A lot of people complain about chip packets and how there is “too much air, and not enough chip.” While it is true that chip packets are mostly air that doesn’t mean the creators are trying to rip you off. In fact they’re actually doing you are favour. While you might think the bags are filled with oxygen they’re actually not. They are filled with a gas called nitrogen that keeps them fresh and stops them from going rancid. Let me set the scene for you:

You get a couple of packets of chips and put them into a big bowl. Then when you wake up the next day they are stale and don’t taste very good. When oxygen touches chips it’s a chemical reaction. The outcome is oxidation. This is because oxygen had touched them, instead of the gas called nitrogen. Nitrogen keeps them fresh and crunchy and doesn’t cause oxidation. But, relating back to the question of what would packets of chips look like without gas here’s the answer?

Gas cushions the chips in their bag. Without gas your chip packets would turn into crumb packets. Even with oxygen inside the bags the chips would stay in the shape they are supposed to be in instead of turning to crumbs.

Now finally let’s talk about Pringles. If you don’t know what Pringles are here is a picture. They are chips like any other but they are slightly different. Pringle’s packages are like tubes. They don’t have much room for space because the packaging is hard and the chips don’t need cushioning.

The two packages have different properties which makes them better for different things.

Now we have covered that chips need nitrogen to keep them fresh and cushioned, and that without gas inside the packets they would be crushed to crumbs. Thank you for listening to my presentation.


Here is my reflection on this speech:

I had a bit of trouble collecting research about my topic since there isn’t much about the particular question. I had to figure out most things by myself, and I had a bit of trouble making my speech short enough for 2 minutes.

Although I had trouble with collecting information and working with the time span I had I still had some things that I am proud of. Some feedback I got from the other students was that they liked my intro and that I engaged the reader. I also thought I did well at my conclusion and how I wrapped up the main parts of the text.

I think to make my speech the best it could be I could maybe try and fit more information about properties and the things we had been learing. Also, I will use more apropriate language for the topic. If we are learning about science I will use science language. If it is Maths I willuse maths language.

I can use the skillof speaking and listening I get from these prepared speeches during class time while we turn and talk, ask questions, listen to Lee and so on. It is also important to have these skills with your friends as well.