Passing a bill in Australian Parliament

The thing I know about is that a Bill has to be agreed on for it to be moved into the Senate. I also know that the Speaker calls the members to speak for their argument on the bill, so that no doesn’t get time to speak and nobody is interrupting someone else. The Clerk tells the members the rules of the house before they get started with the Bill so everyone knows how to act while its happening. Those are the things I know as a fact with passing a bill but I understand that the Speaker keeps the house following the right structure and rules, and that everyone gets a fair say in if the bill should be passed. These are the things I know but I have a question about the process as well. What happens if a member breaks the Clerks rules? Will they be forced to leave? These are the things I know about passing a bill in Australian parliament.

Dear Lee,

Happy 2016! It’s already been a great start to the year and I’m excited to keep going. A couple of things about me are that I love to read and write. I also like to try new things even if it’s something I don’t necessarily like. I came to Moonee Ponds Primary School last year (2015) from America! I have so far really liked the school, an opinion I am not planning on changing anytime soon. I am excited to start learning about whatever you have in store for the rest of the year!

I bet you had a wonderful holidays as I can see in your letter, you said you flew to Tasmania to visit your parents. My grandmother came from America to visit my family. We went to lots of tourist spots to show her around which was lots of fun. One of my favourite spots was Sovereign hill. Panning for gold was my favourite part of that trip. We even won the gold nugget in the competition.

Before all of that my family and I took a trip to Adelaide. We went on a 5 hour car drive past lots of fields (LOTS of fields). We went to a super interesting museum that didn’t have a specific theme although it was still awesome! My favourite parts were, learning about pacific island cultures, and animals that went extinct. There was one exhibit about giant squids and how big they were.

I didn’t really do anything that exciting other than that over the holidays. Relaxing mostly you could say. Anyways, like I said in the beginning of this letter I’m really excited for the rest of 2016 as I expect everyone else is.

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