Buddies Reflection

Buddies reflection-

A couple weeks ago we had a buddy’s session. This was where all the preps and year 5/6’s got together and did activities such as colouring. It was pretty disappointing for me since my buddy was absent but I got to join another group. I didn’t do much with the buddy that I joined since I didn’t want to disappoint her when I wasn’t in her group anymore but I think everyone else had fun.

Buddies is an important program where the preps get a role model to follow and look up to. It shows them an example of someone they should be when they get older. I have a prep in my family and he really likes the program.

It also helps the older kids understand responsibility and know how to treat certain people. You wouldn’t play soccer with a prep that could get injured and hurt.

The next buddy session my buddy was there. I learned a bit more about her and she was very outgoing. I was glad she wasn’t shy because it would have been a bit harder. She asked me to meet her at the monkey bars, but I explained we couldn’t play together.

It is kind of hard not to be too kind to a prep. Some preps don’t have many friends and think that you are there to become one. You have to be nice enough to let them feel comfortable but not too nice to make them feel you are there to play with them.

Overall buddies is a great program to help preps and 5/6’s.