Our solar system.

This video was about our solar system, it gives lots of very interesting facts that I did not know. Here is what I learnt from it:

Mars is home to the biggest mountain in all of our solar system. It is called Olympus Mons and is 26 km tall meaning that it is more than 3 times as tall.

The second fact I learnt was that Jupiter experiences very bad storms something very interesting it said as well after this is that it has a storm called the great red spot  that is three times as large as earth, I found this very interesting.

Finally I learnt that Venus will never cool down due to it’s green house gases.

2 questions I had were what kind of storms do Jupiter have? Do they had bad thunder storms or meteor showers? The other question I had was how many earth’s could fit into the sun? I’d like to know this to give me a better understanding of how big it is.

An understanding I had was how big Jupiter is. I got this understanding by the fact about it’s storm the giant red spot.


Gorilla extinction BTN

This BTN was about a group called the gorilla girls. They encourage people to recycle their old phones so that the gorillas don’t go extinct.

The first thing I learnt was that there are an estimated 20 million unused phones are left around at homes. I also learnt coltan mines are taking over the gorilla habitats. Coltan is in mobile phones, so recycling them will reuse the coltan and less gorillas will be killed. Finally I learnt that phones contain: Coltan, platinum, aluminium, copper, gold, and silver.

Two things I understood, were that it would be a tragedy if gorillas went extinct, because they are such a well-known animal. I also understand that coltan mines might make other animals extinct as well.

A question I had was, what other animals are going extinct?


BTN – Greyhound ban

This BTN article was about greyhound racing and how New South Wales wants to ban the sport. Here is what I learnt from this video:

Greyhound racing involves animal cruelty. Lots of greyhounds are killed/put down when they are not fit out to keep competing. This means that thousands of greyhounds all over the world are being killed. Another thing I understood was that small creatures like rabbits and birds are being used for bait. Although this isn’t that big of a problem, it is still very cruel. Finally I learnt that Australia is one of the eight countries that allows greyhound racing, the other being: Mexico, USA, Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, and Macau.

Two things I understood were that if greyhound racing gets banned thousands of jobs could be lost and many people may have to rely on the government for money. I also understand that if we ban greyhound racing many of the dogs will have to go to shelters.

A question I had was if there was any other things that they did to the dogs, because I was interested in what they did to them.


BTN – Australian leaders


This BTN article was about leaders in politics and about their parties. I learnt a lot more about what the leaders stand for and what their parties are. Here is what I learnt:

The Liberals say they believe that Australia should have a strong economy. Which means they want Australia to have a lot of money and lots of students studying STEM subjects. The Labor party believes that life should be fair for working class Australians. Finally the Greens like to focus on the environment, but they also believe in equality and same sex marriage.

I understand that each party has their own beliefs. Some of them are similar but they all make up good parties to lead Australia. I also understand that lots of people like the parties for different reasons, so sometimes it’s hard to choose who to vote for.

A question I have was if any of the parties have beliefs that are the same?

BTN – Animal testing

This BTN article was about animal testing in Australia. Here are some things I learnt:

Beauty products are so important to people that it’s estimated the world spends $250,000,000 on them every year. That is a lot of money for just beauty products. I also learnt that in the 19th century when beauty products were safe there wasn’t many rules about the safety of them, so when people started get hurt by the products, the government started introducing rules about the safety forcing people to start using animals to test safety. Finally I learnt that 80% of the world still test products on animals and some places like china have laws forcing them to test on animals.

Two things I understood were that testing on animals is animal cruelty because you’re willing to risk hurting them, and that laws were made against it so animal cruelty doesn’t become normal.

A question I have is: What consequences are there against animal testing?

BTN Paris attacks

The attacks on Paris in 2015:

This BTN was about the attacks that happened in Paris in 2015. Here are the things I learnt from this article, 129 people were killed during the attacks on November 13th. Another thing I got from it was that the terrorists targeted restaurants, a national soccer match, and a rock concert. The last thing I learnt was that the terrorist group ISIS was responsible for the attacks. I understand that this was a very serious issue which caused a lot of people great depression. I also understood that a lot of people are scared of what could happen to them after this.

A question I have is, why is France getting much more attention than the other attacked countries?


(Me reading my BTN:)

The article:

BTN Voting Ages


  1. Things you can do when your 16 are drive, join the army, donate blood,
  2. You need to be 18 or older to vote in Australia
  3. In the 2014 elections about 400,000 18-24 year olds didn’t vote.





  1. Some people want 16 and 17 year olds to vote so they can understand and get more into politics
  2. It’s a big responsibility to vote which is why some teens don’t want to.



Would teens take voting seriously?


Summary text:

The BTN that I did was Voting Age. It was about the debate about if 16 and 17 year olds could vote. The things I learnt were that when you turn 16 you can drive join the army and donate blood. I also learnt you need to be 18 and older to drive and finally that in the 2014 election around 400,000 18 to 24 years olds broke the law by not driving. I understood in the video that the people who wanted teens to vote think that it could help them get more into politics, I also understood that some teens don’t really want vote because it’s a very big responsibility. A question I have about the video is if teens would take voting seriously. I understood that some of them didn’t want to but I would wonder if right now it was legal to vote at 16 years and up would teens be silly about it?



  1. King Jon upset the barons so much they created a document call Magna Carta
  2. Some of the things on the Magna Carta were not raising taxes, respecting the church, and a fair trial by jury.
  3. The Declaration of Independence (An American document) was inspired by the Magna Carta




  1. The barons were going broke with all the taxes Jon was giving them which was making them angry
  2. The Magna Carta inspired the peaceful and respectful world we live in today.



How high did Jon raise the taxes?


Summary Text:


This week’s BTN was about a document called the Magna Carta that inspired Human rights. I learned a lot more about it and it was really fascinating. There was a king named Jon who was hated amongst his kingdom. He was always raising the taxes so the barons forced him to sign a document called the Magna Carta which is currently 800 years old. The Magna Carta had promises on there like: not raising taxes, respecting the church, and making sure everyone had a fair trial. This inspired the Declaration of independence which is an American document stating rights and values. From this BTN I could understand that the barons were going broke with all the taxes they were paying and that the Magna Carta created the world we live in today. I understood all of that but I’m still wondering how high Jon raised the taxes? It had to be a lot since they made him promise to lots of stuff.