BTN – Electricity

The video we watched.




About 300 years ago, Stephen Gray an astronomer, held an experiment to do with electricity. He made a very important discovery. He placed a boy on 2 swings, held by a wooden frame with silk rope. He had a Hauksbee machine that generated static electricity. He generated the electricity which charged through the boy, using a connecting rod. The boy had a plate of gold leaf in front of him, and when the electricity was generated the gold leaves rose to his fingers. That’s when Stephen Gray made the discovery that electricity passes through some things and some things hold the electricity inside them. These are called insulators and conductors. Insulators hold the electricity or electric chage and the conductors let it flow within them. The silk ropes were insulators whereas the boy was a conductor. This knowledge is still used today with electricity towers. Certain things need the electricity to flow through them and some things need to stop it.

I understand that this was a very important discovery in history and that we may not have very important things like electricity lines and towers if it was never made. I wonder how this would actually effect our lives? I know that we might not have electricity but what other things could this seriously effect? Also, how would it feel to have electricity charged through you so that you could do what the boy did?

BTN – Zombie Apocalypse




This BTN was about a school that turned the subject Science into a zombie apocalypse game for their students.

The aim was to find a kidnapped scientist who might have the cure to a zombie virus outbreak. Teachers set up loads of stuff for their students to use as evidence such as liquids, hands, fingers, bite marks, etc. Not only was it a fun science activity but it forced the students to work together to find clues and do experiments. It also had certain aspects of science hidden inside of it.

One thing I thought that was it’s a good idea to disguise science into something fun, but something too fun or extreme could confuse kids about what their really doing and learning.

Two questions were, how long did it take the teachers to set up the subject? Also, what did the students end up doing the best on with science?


BTN – Stress and bullying




This BTN was about stress and bullying at schools in Australia. It was twenty minute long video all about statistics, facts, and things you can do to help with certain topics.

16,000 kids who were in years 4 – 12 were surveyed on these topics. Many kids felt stressed. For example: 1 in 3 girls said they were unhappy and 1 in 3 boys feel constantly stressed. That’s a really big number of children stressed in school. Stress, anxiety or worry can come from all sorts of different problems: it can come from family situations. Your parents could divorce, someone could fall ill, or someone close to you could pass away. You could be stressed out with your own after school activities or responsibilities. Bullying is another big part of it as well. Being continuously bullying is very stressful. You may feel scared to go to school to see that person because you don’t want to be hurt physically or emotionally.

Bullying comes in lots of different shapes and forms of bullying. About half of the children surveyed said they were bullied. This to me is very crazy, because it means that there are lots of bullies out there. It just feels like a lot of people and means that you probably know a lot of people who have been bullied, and have bullied others. Bullying can be using your words to target someone, using your actions: this can be pushing them, hitting them, kicking them, touching them where they don’t want to be touch on purpose. Bullying can also be on social media. People can comment mean things on your social media profiles and things like that. It’s hard to understand that bullying doesn’t last forever sometimes because it’s your life, but bad bullying rarely happens out of school, if your social media is private.

A question was, what are the different punishments for bullying around the world? In some schools you can get expelled. Another question was, what do schools do to help  kids who have bad anxiety and stress?




BTN – WanaCry



Understandings or Insights

This BTN was about a very interesting topic. A virus that has recently blown up called WanaCry. Here are some facts, understandings, questions I got from this video.

WanaCry is a virus that has taken over more then 300,000 computers! No one knows exactly where it came from but some think it may have started with a secret government department called the National Security Agency. Apparently they go through technology software, searching for mistakes, that could be used to spy on people.

One of their mistakes was leaked online, and someone or some people decided to create a virus on it. It would pop up on the computer and threaten to delete all your viruses if you didn’t pay 400$ (Which it did) Viruses can be spread or infect your computer in many different ways. They can be downloads of the internet. Maybe a mod for a game or something like that, that you need to download. They can be from dodgy emails. These emails may be chain emails and by sending them you can infect someone else. It may also have a link you bring up that infects your computer. Finally, viruses can be spread on a network. If one person has a virus, they can spread through the whole network.

Two questions were who most likely did this? It’s a big deal and it would be great to identify the kind of people who do it. Also what other places did it effect? I heard about the hospitals but whatever important places did it effect.

An insight was it’s scary that these things can happen so quickly and they are so dangerous. It’s scary to think how vulnerable we can be online and on our computers.

BTN – Pluto





This BTN was about Pluto, and why a group of scientists want it to become a planet again.

Pluto was discovered in 1930. Back then when they first discovered it, it was a planet. In 2006 Pluto was classified a dwarf planet. Basically, a dwarf planet is celestial body, that is too small to be classified as a planet.

Pluto is actually smaller than our moon and a couple other ones. It’s about 1/6th the size of Earth in diameter, making it 2,302 kilometres long. About 151 Pluto can fit inside of earth.

Some scientists want to call Pluto a planet again. Along with a lot of other celestial bodies. In fact these scientists want there to be 109 planets. They say the definition of a planet should be about it’s features and what you can find on the surface, stuff like that. That would make Pluto and our own Moon a planet!

Two questions were, does that mean we would have more planets in our Solar System or just more planets near us? Also if the moon became a planet, would we still call it our moon.

I think that their new definition of a planet makes more sense. I’m not completely sure yet, but I think it makes sense to have it be about the features of the planet. 

BTN – River Kids

BTN homework:

The BTN I chose for this week was called the River Kids. It was a 15 minute long video talking about the Murray River and how it effects some kids and there daily lives and why they need and depend on it. This is what I got from this video:

The first kid that they talked about depended on the river to fish. Murray cod is a type of fish that are specific to the Murray River. Instead of killing the Murray Cod or eating them, Jock would release them so that they could go off and breed and populate the river. But they also would catch Carp and Red Fin, other types of fish and try to get them out of the river to stop them from overpopulating it. This was because there were too many of them and they were a threat to Cod.

The second story I found interesting was of two girls who lived on a vineyard farm. Basically what a vineyard farm is, is that they grow grapes and they are usually made for wine. Where they live it gets dry in the summer so they had to use to water of the Murray River to solve that, but they have to pay for the water they use. This is because if everyone had free access to the water, it would run out almost instantly. It isn’t a infinite water source and it’s important that people don’t take too much.

Finally there was a group of kids who were year 11 who came to the Murray River to learn about the science of the River. By the looks of it they learnt a lot about fish and about the water. I think this was a good idea because people should be learning more about their environment. I don’t live anywhere near the Murray River but watching this video really made me happy that they are doing stuff like this.

One more insight I had was that I’m glad they made this BTN. I didn’t know much about the Murray River before this, but now I want to help and I know more.

A question was what other animals other fish depend on the Murray and what would actually happen if the Murray was taken away from these people?

BTN – Federation in Australia

This video was about the federation of Australia, and some important events in it’s history. Here is what I got from this video:

In 1642 a Dutch explorer discovered Tasmania. If he had claimed the land and built a colony of his own, Australia wouldn’t be what it is today. We would all probably speak Dutch. It was actually claimed in 1770 by James Cook (Captain Cook) who claimed it as Britain. I was wondering why James didn’t claim it first?

Another fact was that the train tracks in Victoria and Melbourne were different sizes. I was wondering why it was like this? Was it because they wanted to be as separated as possible? Or did it just turn out like that?  

My final fact was that the bigger colonies were worried that they would have to provide the smaller ones with money. An insight was that it seemed very separated back then and very different from the country we know today.

Convict life in the Rocks – Video Reflection




This video was a thirteen minute long radio show about The Rocks in Sydney where convicts lived. It gave lots of facts about their lives and how the lived together. It was very informative and talked a lot about their houses and businesses. Here is what I got from the video:


A fact I got was that the convicts ran their own businesses and built their own houses. Some of them worked for the government. They said if you had the skill to run your business than you would, like butchery and stone masonry. These were the examples they gave but I thought of jobs like bakers and farmers possibly.

They also built there own houses which only usually had two rooms. They had inner and outer rooms. In the inner room I thought it sounded a lot like a large bedroom. You might have your bed, valuables, etc. A privater room, but the outer room would be the kitchen, a fire place, somewhere to maybe have a dinner or a celebration I thought.

Finally I had that the Rocks was kind of more of a colony more than having five hours of work everyday for the government and getting beaten every ten seconds.The Rocks were somewhere you’d go if you had the skills to set up a new life as a butcher or something else. People who didn’t have the skills did work for the government.

Three questions I had were, what was the work for the government they did? And if it was hard work that required lots of effiort and if it was very cruel and mean to the convicts.

An understanding was that the life wasn’t as I said getting beaten every five seconds, it helped the convicts set up new starts for themselves, and in a way I thought with the right skills, it might be better to go to The Rocks in Sydney for the convicts than in England as someone with hardly any money.

BTN – Models of the Solar System; Earth, Sun and Moon

This video was about the planets, stars, the moon, and the sun, and how they move.  It was also about the progress we have made in understanding the way space works.

The first face I learnt was that the ancient Greeks believed that the Sun, Moon, and stars rotated around Earth, in perfect formation. The second fact I learnt was that the reason this system was wrong (besides the fact that the Earth rotates around the sun) was that the stars do not move in perfect formation. They move back and forth in space. Finally I learnt that in the 1700’s Galileo Galilei an astronomer built the very first telescope and one of his biggest discoveries was that Jupiter has four moons.

The first question I had was; what other discoveries did Galileo Galilei make? And; were there any other other cultures that had a big role in space understanding, or was it just Greece?

My understanding was that we still have a long way to go in space understanding.

BTN – Humans in space.

This Btn was about the progress of space exploration or humans in space. It gave lots of facts about the history of space exploration.

The first fact that I learnt from this BTN was that people have been living in the international space station since 2000. This fact kind of surprised me. It made me think of all the progress we have made with space exploration and having people in space since not that long ago.

The second fact was that, they are planning to make a reality TV show out of people going to mars. I knew about their plans to go to Mars already, but I didn’t know it was going to be a reality TV show. I feel like going to Mars would be more of a serious dangerous kind of trip. Not one you make a reality TV show out of.

The last thing I learnt was about space tourism. Companies like Virgin Galactic want to introduce tourism in space. Tourism in space is where they are taking people who sign up to space.

Two questions I had were, how much money does it cost to do space tourism? And how is SpaceX planning to bring people to Mars? What are their plans for shelter and food?

One thing I understood was that we have made a lot of progress since when we first got people into space. It has been a huge achievement and something we are going to make even more progress on.