100 WC – So that is why I am always last.

“So the reason that I’m always last to class is because my sister takes forever in the morning to get ready.” I say to my teacher. He rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

“Not good enough,” He snaps, crossing his arms and putting all his weight on his left leg like he had so many more important things to be listening to than my story. His breath reeks of coffee.

“She takes two hours – two full hours, just to do her hair. Her hair!” I moan to him.

“So?” He asks.

“So that’s why I’m always last to class…”

100 WC Term 4 #1

The material felt like smooth wood in my shaking hand as I gently held the wand. I twisted it around my sweaty fingers. I felt as if so much power lay in my hands.

“Now we need to test if it works.” Said Peter quietly. “Give it a little flick and whisper the words ‘blue light’.”

I did as he told me and a light shone from the tip of the wand as a light blue. The light quickly vanished creating a strange silence in the room.

“You’ll get used to spells.” Peter whispered. “It just might take some time.”

My goal for this 100 word challenge was to set a clear picture in the readers head of what was happening.

100 WC #8 Term 3

We stepped on to the stage. My heart started to beat faster. I took a deep breath and said my first line of the play.

“Hello Fred and Angelica, how are you today.”

We all looked at Fred. He stared back with a horrified look on his face. “Well what a start.” I thought. “Way to ruin what we have been preparing for for months.”

“Hey Susie.” She says jumping in for him.

After the play we all meet up.

“Fred….” I say.

“You forgot all of your lines!” Angelica says.


100 WC #4 Term 3

We slowly walked along the dirt path leading to the Flamingo exhibit at the zoo, the sun beating down on us. My brother walked by my side constantly annoying me as per usual. He repeatedly poked me on the arm causing me to yell at him.

“It is so extraordinary how annoying you can be!”

His face looked so innocent underneath is mop of black hair. I glared at him and then walked ahead towards the Flamingo exhibit hoping that my brother wouldn’t follow me.

He walked towards me again, that cheeky grin on his face once again.

“Just leave me alone!” I yelled.

100 WC #3 Term 3

“I am very frustrated Fish.” I say my servant scowling. His hair sticks up in spikes damp with sweat.

“But master…” Hey says trembling. “How would I have known that the victim would have run away when I tried to kidnap them?”

I shake my head, embarrassed that my servant could of let this happen.

“Fish…” I sigh. “I honestly have no words.”

He puts his head in his hands still shaking, tears leaking down his face.

I stare at Fish. His face is as white as snow. His eyes were puffy and bulging.

“Off to the dungeon with you.”

My goal for this 100 WC is to write from the villain’s point of view, and try to use the logic that villains use, based off of how I see them in movies and on TV. I would also like to try and give my own kind of twist to how villains think since stories and movies are always told by the hero.


100 WC #2 Term 3

The last of the leaves began to fall creating a thick blanket over forest’s rough ground. Autumn was starting to take over the woods causing the trees to look thin and bare, like mere sticks. As the animals trudged along it’s ground, their feet crunching as they stepped on twigs and the falling leaves, they listened for the sound of twinkling, for they knew the faries would be coming soon. Then they did. They popped out of their hiding places spreading their wings and flew. Soaring through the air for them was like discovering a fantastic new book.

My goal was to make the story filled with detail and seem magical and whimsical.

Sunshine, Ice, Frightened, Purple, Flew 100 WC #1 – Term 3

To think I was so frightened before. While we flew over to America, my head was pounding. Actually arriving to my new school gave me so much happiness, it was like watching freezing cold ice melt in the sunshine and the realisation that its summer. It was like watching a sunset with all the colours in the rainbow, like red and pink and purple. Everyone was so nice to me. It was like discovering to fly, and flying over the most beautiful places in the world. I feel at home at my new school, and to think I was scared.

My goal this week was to relate to myself a bit. Even though I may of exaggerated, I related to how I was nervous about starting a new school, but it turned out fine. I did this by talking about how the character felt this.

100 WC #23

I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see. To have the things the other girls had. To have the stars and the moon, to have money. It crossed my mind every time I saw those things, every time I looked at them. I wanted to be someone else and start a new life. I felt lonely and sad, and I wanted more. Call me greedy or not, I wanted more. Much more. Everything I saw. I wished I had the power to do these things, and obtain the things I see.

My goal was to give the reader a sense of loneliness and depression.

100 WC #21


A whistle blew and everyone disappeared ahead of me in the race.  I run as fast as I can but feel that no matter how hard I tried I won’t be able to keep up with the people in front. I look behind myself but saw no one.

“Great.” I tell myself grumpily. “I am going to come last.”

I continue to run and soon I discovered that the people at the front are getting tired.

“This is my chance!”

I suddenly get the energy to sprint ahead of everyone in front of me and cross the finish line first!



My goal for this writing peace was to write this story in present tense.

100 WC #20 Mr Williams and Roberts

Mr. Williams sat on the creamy brown bench in the park, the paint chipped and peeling, waiting for his wife Mrs. Williams to return. Mr. Roberts sat next to him with his book unaware Williams was sitting there as well. Williams slowly glanced over at him.

“Roberts.” He said to the man politely.

Mr. Roberts looked up from his thick book. He scrunched his nose up in disgust.

“I’ll be leaving then.” Roberts said quietly. He walked away from Mr. Williams leaving him there to ponder about the time of when his wife was going to return back to him.