100 WC – Sandwich Battery Energetic White Hurried

I looked over my shoulder in class, annoyed by the noise behind me to see an energetic boy with spiky, white hair. He grinned at me mischievously. I hurried to snap my head back around, embarrased to be caught staring at this obnoxious boy. He started to scream loudly making me look back again, this time with a horrified look on my face.

“What is your problem?” I snapped.

He gulped loudly then stared at me with wide eyes.

“My battery on my phone is at 10%!”

“Why do you even have a phone? We’re in class!”

100 WC – Challenging Death

A true warrior isn’t afraid of Death. Instead they challenge it.

Camila runs, she fights, she climbs, and she does whatever she pleases.

And no one can stop her. Not even death.


It was a cloudy night. The sky was dark, but hidden by ominous grey clouds watching everything below them.

Camila stood on the top of her mountain. An old tree, becoming slippery as buckets of rain fell.

Her foot slipped suddenly and she fell far down.

She knew death was waiting for her, but she refused, and landed with her life and a broken leg. Death waited for her below, but couldn’t do anything as she limped away.

100 WC – flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow

I watch the flames lick the house. The heat is unberable, I step back.

I watch them swimming and dance. Elegant dancer of destruction.

I watch them cover all of it, burning brown wood black. My white house will be black.

Colours. Red, Orange, Yellow, White.

Fear, I look forward to tomorrow when it will be over, celebrated. 

Cries, they are all around me. I hug my Mother and we fear together. We hope together and we look forward to tomorrow together.

Patience. We will wait and wait until they come.

I watch the flames lick the house.

100 WC – Locked out

As the door slammed, I knew she was gone. I pounded on the door as hard as I could. My knuckles started to bleed as they scraped the wood. “Come back!” I screamed, but I could hear the footsteps becoming more faint. “Come back! I’m sorry! Let me out.” The footsteps grew louder, coming towards me, and for a second, I thought she was going to let me out.

“You’re an evil witch,” I heard her young voice sneer. “Why would I let you out?

“I’m sorry!” But it was too late, she walked away laughing.

100 WC – Fake monster

The trap looked perfect. The legs and boots stuck up in the water like a real person. I stay still, lurking in water, like an aligator. Leaves crunch, my cue to peek up out of the water. A little boy comes up and screams, laying eyes on the trap. I grin, my mouth emerged in murky water. He runs up to the trap and looks down. Instantly I pop out and pull him into the water with me. The shriek seems loud enough to make me deaf, but I ignore it as I pull him back up, now soaked with water, laughing.

“James!” He whines.

100 WC – Tattered Yellow Parchment

I hold it close to my chest, hugging the tattere yellow parchment like a teddy bear belonging to a three year old. Just holding it brings me into it’s exsisting world of magic. Magic that feels so mystical it feels fake when it’s not.  I bring it back up to my face, examining it closely for the hundreth time like I’ve never seem anything like it before. I feel slightly cheesy, as if I’m in a book staring at a simple object that gives me so many memories and hopes for the future.

100 WC – Artist

“So what lies ahead of you?” My Mother asked me crossing her arms. “What will your future be like? She didn’t give me a minute to think before she opened her mouth again. I noticed bright red lipstick smeared on her teeth. “You’d be an amazing lawyer, Peach.”

“Well I want to be an artist,” I snapped. “You can’t change that.” We had this conversation almost everyday I mentioned going to Art School. I got sick of it so long ago that arguing doesn’t seem worth it. I will never change her mind, and she will never change mine.

100 WC – Down the Rabbit Hole

Luke placed a foot over the wet grass, trying to walk through the woods to his Aunt’s house. Suddenly, the dirt gave in, sending him spiraling down a deep dark hole. He screamed but the sound only echoed through the hole. After a few seconds of screaming and panicking he gave up. The hole seemed to be never ending. He looked up, still falling, and noticed that the top of the hole was covered. Luke looked down, still falling, when he relised that his fall may never end.

“Help!” He called, but there was of course, no answer.

100 WC – The next act.

As the crowd’s eyes stared at us I took a deep breath ready to introduce the act me and my sister were going to do. I looked down at her and she smiled. I opened my mouth to speak when it suddenly whent dark.

Everyone was silent for a few seconds until a ear piercing scream rippled in the air. I could tell it was in the crowd but it felt right in my ear. The lights flashed back and I looked down at my sister. She was fine but someone in the crowd was lying down surrounded by a puddle of red.

100 WC – Witch

Every year that tall lady in the cloak and  pointu hat with bags under her eyes visited the seal on his rock. She strolled over clutching her wand tightly.

“Hello Seal,” She said in her usual raspy voice. “Have you been behaving?”

The seal started to laugh. He laughed so much, he flopped over on his back on the grey rock and started to roll over.

“Witch?” He asked now so serious it looked as though it never happened.”You turned me into a seal? How much worse can it get?