100 WC – Artist

“So what lies ahead of you?” My Mother asked me crossing her arms. “What will your future be like? She didn’t give me a minute to think before she opened her mouth again. I noticed bright red lipstick smeared on her teeth. “You’d be an amazing lawyer, Peach.”

“Well I want to be an artist,” I snapped. “You can’t change that.” We had this conversation almost everyday I mentioned going to Art School. I got sick of it so long ago that arguing doesn’t seem worth it. I will never change her mind, and she will never change mine.

100 WC – Down the Rabbit Hole

Luke placed a foot over the wet grass, trying to walk through the woods to his Aunt’s house. Suddenly, the dirt gave in, sending him spiraling down a deep dark hole. He screamed but the sound only echoed through the hole. After a few seconds of screaming and panicking he gave up. The hole seemed to be never ending. He looked up, still falling, and noticed that the top of the hole was covered. Luke looked down, still falling, when he relised that his fall may never end.

“Help!” He called, but there was of course, no answer.

100 WC – The next act.

As the crowd’s eyes stared at us I took a deep breath ready to introduce the act me and my sister were going to do. I looked down at her and she smiled. I opened my mouth to speak when it suddenly whent dark.

Everyone was silent for a few seconds until a ear piercing scream rippled in the air. I could tell it was in the crowd but it felt right in my ear. The lights flashed back and I looked down at my sister. She was fine but someone in the crowd was lying down surrounded by a puddle of red.

100 WC – Witch

Every year that tall lady in the cloak and  pointu hat with bags under her eyes visited the seal on his rock. She strolled over clutching her wand tightly.

“Hello Seal,” She said in her usual raspy voice. “Have you been behaving?”

The seal started to laugh. He laughed so much, he flopped over on his back on the grey rock and started to roll over.

“Witch?” He asked now so serious it looked as though it never happened.”You turned me into a seal? How much worse can it get?

100 WC – Magic Show

We watched as the magician twirled his wand in his hand. He held a top hat and stared at us with a michevious grin. I rolled my eyes. What’s he going to do? Pull a rabbit out of a hat? I watched as my little sister leaned forward, her eyes wide, when all of a sudden she lept out of her seat, walked a bit, and climbed onto the stage!

“Susie!” I called. “You can’t do that!” She ran over to the magician and stuck her hand in his hat.

“Don’t do that!” The magician yelled.

100 WC – A carousel with no horses

The fair smelt of cotton candy and every food you could think of deep fried.  The rides looked old and broken, which is why Dina didn’t want her child anywhere near them. Dina picked up Hailey and tried to walk away from the fair. Unfortunately for her, Hailey saw something. The carousel looked haunted. All the colour was drained from it. It looked broken and destroyed, especially because there were no horses. Hailey cried and cried, staring at the awful machine which was being run by a man with more tattoos than skin on his body. A carousel with no horses? Dina held Hailey tight and walked away from the fair.

The picture isn’t really like the story, but I wanted it to be different than everyone elses, and I thought it was close enough. Maybe, if I had more room to expand, I could of had it to do with the picture. For now, you can assume this is the child’s imagination.

100 WC – Art project

Max stared at his sculpture proudly. Fragile newspaper and glue made hands holding up a hamburger, barely helping it stand up. The art teacher raised an eyebrow.

“Did you make this Max?”

“Yes!” He replied a little too quickly.

The art teacher gently touched the sculpture. Within a matter of seconds it came crashing down, off the table. The newspaper and glue flopped onto the floor, leaving a gooey mess. The hamburger on the other hand smashed into a million pieces

From the pile of smashed clay, the teacher spotted something. A price tag on one of the pieces of the hamburger.


My goal this 100 WC was too use 3rd person.



I collapse on the ground exhausted. Regret spreads within me. Why did I think I could run in this race without giving up? I stare at the orange track, as I get up and walk away, avoiding my family who are probably watching me with wide angry eyes.  My Mother will be shaking her head disappointed. My Dad might be shaking his fist, and my little brother Toby could be playing with his stuffed crocodile, oblivious to my defeat. I keep walking, staring at the long track. People run past me with their arms up. They’ve finished all their laps. I still have two more to go.

100 WC – the slime dripped through

My goal for this 100 WC is to make it creepy and leave you wanting more. I want to do this by using 2nd person (We did this, We did that) and making the reader wonder who is talking.

We watch as Ellie walks through the attic, her feet make the floorboards creak, and she jumps. It’s pitch black for her, she can’t see a thing. We laugh to ourselves silently. Her eyes are wide and she keeps looking straight at us, crouched on the floor but doesn’t see a thing. Nobody ever sees a thing. The slime drips through the ceiling. We hear the creature above start to move towards her. She screams and tries to run away towards the window. We can’t keep it in! We start laughing. The human pushes the window, with the last of her strength, but she can’t. Goodbye Ellie…

100 WC – ..but how can something so tiny …

I held the stem of the flower in my pinched fingers, and looked at it in awe. The red petals shot outwards from the middle of the flower and then curved inward, giving it a strange look. I compared the flower to my thumb, it was only slightly bigger. Looking at it gave me a strange feeling that I couldn’t quite understand. I guess you could say it made me wonder how something so tiny could be so beautiful. How something so small and usually unnoticed in a field of large colourful flowers could make such an impact on me.