100 WC – Challenging Death

A true warrior isn’t afraid of Death. Instead they challenge it.

Camila runs, she fights, she climbs, and she does whatever she pleases.

And no one can stop her. Not even death.


It was a cloudy night. The sky was dark, but hidden by ominous grey clouds watching everything below them.

Camila stood on the top of her mountain. An old tree, becoming slippery as buckets of rain fell.

Her foot slipped suddenly and she fell far down.

She knew death was waiting for her, but she refused, and landed with her life and a broken leg. Death waited for her below, but couldn’t do anything as she limped away.

One thought on “100 WC – Challenging Death

  1. I like that your character Camila is a strong warrior. If you want to get more description into your writing next time, I would suggest that you don’t use she after every bit of description. You don’t need it there and you will actually get more impact by using fewer words to convey your point.

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