100 WC – Bottles of Blue

Bottles of Blue.

For me it stays, tucked inside me

until I let it out.

But where would we hide it all?


For me, I let it out.

When I tell you 

My Bottle of Blue, turns…

a bit greener.



When you keep your Bottle tucked inside,

it grows.





When you let it out

it shrinks





Come back




But when it does,


You can keep it


Or let it go

But you’ll always have a Bottle of Blue


Or weak…



4 thoughts on “100 WC – Bottles of Blue

  1. Hey Brynn
    Fantastic poem!
    I love how the whole thing is in figurative language about the blue bottle. I had to read it a couple of times to figure out what the bottle of blue was! The more times I read it the more it made sense. This was very cleverly written! And It really does resemble like sadness because when people don’t talk to others about it, it eats them up on the inside.
    Great poem

  2. Hi Brynn I think that poem is just amazing! It great how you used blue bottles as a metaphor (I think!) for sadness. Good Job!


  3. Hey Brynn,
    I really like how you have applied what we have been learning in class to your writing. The poem is really good and you deserve to be on the showcase for it! I agree with Chiara and i think it was a really good choice to use the “Bottles of Blue” as a metaphor for sadness.
    Good Job

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