100 WC – flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow

I watch the flames lick the house. The heat is unberable, I step back.

I watch them swimming and dance. Elegant dancer of destruction.

I watch them cover all of it, burning brown wood black. My white house will be black.

Colours. Red, Orange, Yellow, White.

Fear, I look forward to tomorrow when it will be over, celebrated. 

Cries, they are all around me. I hug my Mother and we fear together. We hope together and we look forward to tomorrow together.

Patience. We will wait and wait until they come.

I watch the flames lick the house.

2 thoughts on “100 WC – flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow

  1. Hi Brynn
    I like your 100 word challenge. It creates a good mood and I like how you repeated the “flames lick the house” section at the start and end I thought that was really effective in this.
    I first thought it was a story but when you told me that it was a poem I can now see the poem part of this.
    Sorry if that doesn’t make sense (it doesn’t in my mind).
    Great job,

  2. Hi Brynn, Great story. Be careful with your spelling- unbearable!

    I like that you split parts of the story apart, it creates tension

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