100 WC – flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow

I watch the flames lick the house. The heat is unberable, I step back.

I watch them swimming and dance. Elegant dancer of destruction.

I watch them cover all of it, burning brown wood black. My white house will be black.

Colours. Red, Orange, Yellow, White.

Fear, I look forward to tomorrow when it will be over, celebrated. 

Cries, they are all around me. I hug my Mother and we fear together. We hope together and we look forward to tomorrow together.

Patience. We will wait and wait until they come.

I watch the flames lick the house.

100 WC – Locked out

As the door slammed, I knew she was gone. I pounded on the door as hard as I could. My knuckles started to bleed as they scraped the wood. “Come back!” I screamed, but I could hear the footsteps becoming more faint. “Come back! I’m sorry! Let me out.” The footsteps grew louder, coming towards me, and for a second, I thought she was going to let me out.

“You’re an evil witch,” I heard her young voice sneer. “Why would I let you out?

“I’m sorry!” But it was too late, she walked away laughing.

100 WC – Fake monster

The trap looked perfect. The legs and boots stuck up in the water like a real person. I stay still, lurking in water, like an aligator. Leaves crunch, my cue to peek up out of the water. A little boy comes up and screams, laying eyes on the trap. I grin, my mouth emerged in murky water. He runs up to the trap and looks down. Instantly I pop out and pull him into the water with me. The shriek seems loud enough to make me deaf, but I ignore it as I pull him back up, now soaked with water, laughing.

“James!” He whines.

100 WC – Tattered Yellow Parchment

I hold it close to my chest, hugging the tattere yellow parchment like a teddy bear belonging to a three year old. Just holding it brings me into it’s exsisting world of magic. Magic that feels so mystical it feels fake when it’s not.  I bring it back up to my face, examining it closely for the hundreth time like I’ve never seem anything like it before. I feel slightly cheesy, as if I’m in a book staring at a simple object that gives me so many memories and hopes for the future.

Goals for term 4, 2017.

Goals for term 4:

Work and study goals:

  • I would like to become better at using maps and timetables and to learn how to efficiently use angles and understand them better in general.
  • I aim to put a lot of effort into math and become better by paying attention in class and putting more effort in than I usually would.

List of examples of things I could do to show I am trying to meet my goal:

  • I can practice using public transport, to get a better understanding of how maps and timetables fit into the real world. I can also look up things I need clarification on and ask questions.
  • I can work hard and ask questions when I need to with all the things I aim to get better at.
  • To be motivated to work hard, I can focus on the topics I’m not confident with to motivate myself and improve my knowledge.

Fun and friendship:

  • I would like to give compliments to my friends and others as well.
  • I would like to focus on fixing my rude habits such as harsh tone of voice and rolling my eyes.

List of examples of things I could do to show I am trying to meet my goal:

  • Focus on saying the nice things that I think. This way I won’t just think the nice things.
  • Make sure I keep in mind everyone’s feelings and not just what I feel.


Next year I would like to get better at:

  • Making more friends. I would like to have close friends but lots of people I am friends with/friendly with.