BTN – Electricity

The video we watched.




About 300 years ago, Stephen Gray an astronomer, held an experiment to do with electricity. He made a very important discovery. He placed a boy on 2 swings, held by a wooden frame with silk rope. He had a Hauksbee machine that generated static electricity. He generated the electricity which charged through the boy, using a connecting rod. The boy had a plate of gold leaf in front of him, and when the electricity was generated the gold leaves rose to his fingers. That’s when Stephen Gray made the discovery that electricity passes through some things and some things hold the electricity inside them. These are called insulators and conductors. Insulators hold the electricity or electric chage and the conductors let it flow within them. The silk ropes were insulators whereas the boy was a conductor. This knowledge is still used today with electricity towers. Certain things need the electricity to flow through them and some things need to stop it.

I understand that this was a very important discovery in history and that we may not have very important things like electricity lines and towers if it was never made. I wonder how this would actually effect our lives? I know that we might not have electricity but what other things could this seriously effect? Also, how would it feel to have electricity charged through you so that you could do what the boy did?

100 WC – Artist

“So what lies ahead of you?” My Mother asked me crossing her arms. “What will your future be like? She didn’t give me a minute to think before she opened her mouth again. I noticed bright red lipstick smeared on her teeth. “You’d be an amazing lawyer, Peach.”

“Well I want to be an artist,” I snapped. “You can’t change that.” We had this conversation almost everyday I mentioned going to Art School. I got sick of it so long ago that arguing doesn’t seem worth it. I will never change her mind, and she will never change mine.

BTN – Zombie Apocalypse




This BTN was about a school that turned the subject Science into a zombie apocalypse game for their students.

The aim was to find a kidnapped scientist who might have the cure to a zombie virus outbreak. Teachers set up loads of stuff for their students to use as evidence such as liquids, hands, fingers, bite marks, etc. Not only was it a fun science activity but it forced the students to work together to find clues and do experiments. It also had certain aspects of science hidden inside of it.

One thing I thought that was it’s a good idea to disguise science into something fun, but something too fun or extreme could confuse kids about what their really doing and learning.

Two questions were, how long did it take the teachers to set up the subject? Also, what did the students end up doing the best on with science?


100 WC – Down the Rabbit Hole

Luke placed a foot over the wet grass, trying to walk through the woods to his Aunt’s house. Suddenly, the dirt gave in, sending him spiraling down a deep dark hole. He screamed but the sound only echoed through the hole. After a few seconds of screaming and panicking he gave up. The hole seemed to be never ending. He looked up, still falling, and noticed that the top of the hole was covered. Luke looked down, still falling, when he relised that his fall may never end.

“Help!” He called, but there was of course, no answer.