100 WC – The next act.

As the crowd’s eyes stared at us I took a deep breath ready to introduce the act me and my sister were going to do. I looked down at her and she smiled. I opened my mouth to speak when it suddenly whent dark.

Everyone was silent for a few seconds until a ear piercing scream rippled in the air. I could tell it was in the crowd but it felt right in my ear. The lights flashed back and I looked down at my sister. She was fine but someone in the crowd was lying down surrounded by a puddle of red.

100 WC – Witch

Every year that tall lady in the cloak and  pointu hat with bags under her eyes visited the seal on his rock. She strolled over clutching her wand tightly.

“Hello Seal,” She said in her usual raspy voice. “Have you been behaving?”

The seal started to laugh. He laughed so much, he flopped over on his back on the grey rock and started to roll over.

“Witch?” He asked now so serious it looked as though it never happened.”You turned me into a seal? How much worse can it get?

100 WC – Cushion, Scarlet, Annoying, Watered, Violin

Riley sat down on one of Mrs Smith’s strange patterned scarlet cushions. The girl looked around. A violin case near the front door. A purple potted plant sat on the table seperating them. Suddenly Mrs Smith’s annoying voice boomed so loud it felt as if it was right in Riley’s ear.

“Thanks for stopping by to drop of these cookies Riley.”

Riley faked a smile and quickly looked out the window to see if Riley’s Father was coming to pick her up. Instead she saw him across the road watering his garden.

Riley couldn’t take it anymore.

“Can I go?”