BTN – Stress and bullying




This BTN was about stress and bullying at schools in Australia. It was twenty minute long video all about statistics, facts, and things you can do to help with certain topics.

16,000 kids who were in years 4 – 12 were surveyed on these topics. Many kids felt stressed. For example: 1 in 3 girls said they were unhappy and 1 in 3 boys feel constantly stressed. That’s a really big number of children stressed in school. Stress, anxiety or worry can come from all sorts of different problems: it can come from family situations. Your parents could divorce, someone could fall ill, or someone close to you could pass away. You could be stressed out with your own after school activities or responsibilities. Bullying is another big part of it as well. Being continuously bullying is very stressful. You may feel scared to go to school to see that person because you don’t want to be hurt physically or emotionally.

Bullying comes in lots of different shapes and forms of bullying. About half of the children surveyed said they were bullied. This to me is very crazy, because it means that there are lots of bullies out there. It just feels like a lot of people and means that you probably know a lot of people who have been bullied, and have bullied others. Bullying can be using your words to target someone, using your actions: this can be pushing them, hitting them, kicking them, touching them where they don’t want to be touch on purpose. Bullying can also be on social media. People can comment mean things on your social media profiles and things like that. It’s hard to understand that bullying doesn’t last forever sometimes because it’s your life, but bad bullying rarely happens out of school, if your social media is private.

A question was, what are the different punishments for bullying around the world? In some schools you can get expelled. Another question was, what do schools do to help  kids who have bad anxiety and stress?




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