100 WC – A carousel with no horses

The fair smelt of cotton candy and every food you could think of deep fried.  The rides looked old and broken, which is why Dina didn’t want her child anywhere near them. Dina picked up Hailey and tried to walk away from the fair. Unfortunately for her, Hailey saw something. The carousel looked haunted. All the colour was drained from it. It looked broken and destroyed, especially because there were no horses. Hailey cried and cried, staring at the awful machine which was being run by a man with more tattoos than skin on his body. A carousel with no horses? Dina held Hailey tight and walked away from the fair.

The picture isn’t really like the story, but I wanted it to be different than everyone elses, and I thought it was close enough. Maybe, if I had more room to expand, I could of had it to do with the picture. For now, you can assume this is the child’s imagination.

3 thoughts on “100 WC – A carousel with no horses

  1. Brynn,
    I really liked this story. It is very different from mine. I like how you described the colour from the carousel. Good job!

  2. Outstanding Brynn!
    I really liked the way you used the prompt as a starting point and didn’t feel you had to be literal about it. I loved the way you created a dark and worrying tone with your words and phrases and the way you used such varied and interesting sentence structure.

  3. Hi Brynn
    I think you did a really good job on this. I like how you didn’t actually have escaping horses in your story but instead a carousel that didn’t have horses. And also, it kind of shows how parents think in a way (which mind you, lots of people are writing in a mother’s perspective lately) and how kids always want to go on the ride or buy that toy, but the mother has a reason on why they shouldn’t. So I thought that was really good
    Great job!

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