Sturt’s Desert Pea adaptation predictions.

For our adaptations research project we’ve all been given a plant or animal to research that’s habitat is a desert. We also need to think about it’s adaptations. We are allowed to research them but first we need predictions, so we can reflect on them.

Here are my adaptation predictions for the Sturt’s Desert Pea:

If you didn’t know, Sturt’s desert pea is a red flower with black balls or peas inside of it. One of my predictions is that when the Sturt’s desert pea is dying, it will drop it’s peas that will act like seeds. They could be carried by things like sticking to animals or by the wind but they could also just stay where the flower died. This way it stays in a place with vegetation and grow, as opposed to being carried to some sandy spot in the desert where they could be buried or eaten by animals.

I also have a prediction that the layer covering the black pea may protect it from being eaten by animals? I’m not sure how this could work but I think the cover might it protect it in some way. The pea might be a very important necessary for it to survive.

Maybe the cover keeps it moist and keeps and stores the water inside of it. This is related to my previous prediction but more about keeping it hydrated and less about keeping itself safe.

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