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This BTN was about a very interesting topic. A virus that has recently blown up called WanaCry. Here are some facts, understandings, questions I got from this video.

WanaCry is a virus that has taken over more then 300,000 computers! No one knows exactly where it came from but some think it may have started with a secret government department called the National Security Agency. Apparently they go through technology software, searching for mistakes, that could be used to spy on people.

One of their mistakes was leaked online, and someone or some people decided to create a virus on it. It would pop up on the computer and threaten to delete all your viruses if you didn’t pay 400$ (Which it did) Viruses can be spread or infect your computer in many different ways. They can be downloads of the internet. Maybe a mod for a game or something like that, that you need to download. They can be from dodgy emails. These emails may be chain emails and by sending them you can infect someone else. It may also have a link you bring up that infects your computer. Finally, viruses can be spread on a network. If one person has a virus, they can spread through the whole network.

Two questions were who most likely did this? It’s a big deal and it would be great to identify the kind of people who do it. Also what other places did it effect? I heard about the hospitals but whatever important places did it effect.

An insight was it’s scary that these things can happen so quickly and they are so dangerous. It’s scary to think how vulnerable we can be online and on our computers.

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