100 WC – Art project

Max stared at his sculpture proudly. Fragile newspaper and glue made hands holding up a hamburger, barely helping it stand up. The art teacher raised an eyebrow.

“Did you make this Max?”

“Yes!” He replied a little too quickly.

The art teacher gently touched the sculpture. Within a matter of seconds it came crashing down, off the table. The newspaper and glue flopped onto the floor, leaving a gooey mess. The hamburger on the other hand smashed into a million pieces

From the pile of smashed clay, the teacher spotted something. A price tag on one of the pieces of the hamburger.


My goal this 100 WC was too use 3rd person.


One thought on “100 WC – Art project

  1. Good job Brynn! I really liked this piece and you used a lot of description it it so I could visualise the scene. Great piece!

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