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This was about blood donating and how it is really important to some people’s lives. Here is what I got from this video:

One fact that I found very interesting was that, one in three Australians will need donated blood at some point in their lives. This fact shows how important it is to donate blood if you are fit to do it, and old enough to do it. Many people obviously need the help, and from this BTN it seems very easy and worth it. You can only donate blood if your healthy and over the age of sixteen. This is so you don’t give anyone else anything bad. If you were sick and donated blood, you could pass something on which would be bad for that person’s health.

Blood can be used for many different medical conditions. It can go to people with Cancer and other diseases where the blood isn’t healthy. It actually can be used for 22 different causes which is amazing when you think about it. The human body has 5 litres of blood and you can use 1 litre to save 3 people’s lives. 

Another thing you can do other than just donating blood is donating plasma. When you donate plasma, they originally take the blood. After they’ve done that, they put it in a spinning machine and separate the blood from the plasma that comes with it. Once they separate it, they take the blood and put it back in your body. They take the plasma and use it to help someone who’s blood isn’t the way is should be or unhealthy. Plasma is more of a yellowish colour. 

In America, you can get payed to donate blood. The reason they don’t do this in Australia is so that they can avoid safety hazards. For example, most people donating blood will be doing it because they need the money. These people may be desperate for money, and people that are like this may be unhealthy. They can lie on the questionnaire, that ask questions that are very important to answer no to, just so that they can get the money. 

An insight was that donating blood is important. If you can, it’s a great thing to do because it helps someone in need. According to my Mum, the needle doesn’t hurt, the blood is easy to donate, and at the end you can get a cookie or something. In the end the actual reward isn’t just the cookie, it’s being able to help someone who is in need of blood.

What does plasma actually help? I know it’s to help unhealthy blood because it’s part of the blood, but I’d really like to know what it actually helps. Another question was what other causes can donated blood help, and what is wrong with the blood cells when you need to donate?

So in conclusion blood is easy to donate, it doesn’t hurt, and you get a free cookie! Every Australian should try to donate blood so that they can help someone in need.

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