100 WC – My food

I open my lunchbox, licking my lips. It smells delicious. I look inside to see my favourite foods, steaming rice and daal with naan. I don’t hesitate to dig in, but I’m interrupted by a girl across from me.

“Ew!” She spits at me. “What is that?”

I look at the ground, embarrassed. She has a lunchbox full of pizza and tiny teddies.

“My lunch,” I respond timidly.

She snorts. “I just couldn’t eat something so – so” She looks lost for words.

“Different?” I ask.

“I guess,” she says, shrugging, and pops a tiny teddy in her mouth.


My goal for this 100 WC was to do something with a character that less of us can relate to at our school. Our school has mainly kids who eat the same stuff as each other, but we may have a few who don’t. Some kids come from other countries (Like India the one I chose for this piece) For them it’s different. They don’t always have the same food we do.  I wanted to have a character who is of a different race.

(Sorry if I spelt any of the foods wrong or it didn’t make sense)

5 thoughts on “100 WC – My food

  1. Hi Brynn
    I really liked in your 100WC you put a different culture in your story also I think you spelt the word correct and they were used properly [naan and daal]

  2. Brynn,
    the work you are doing on your blog is outstanding!
    The way you set clear and thoughtful goals is an excellent example for the students who look to your blog for inspiration.
    I also hope you can see that setting the goal allows you to focus carefully on an area you want to make great and so your efforts become so much more powerful,
    keep up the fantastic work,

  3. Hi Brynn,
    I really like this piece because you included a different culture. Your goal was really nice to.

  4. Hi Brynn
    Good job on this 100wc. I like how you did use the different culture of food, I found that very interesting. I think you met your goal really well, and it was really clear on what it was. And it was really relateable XD.
    Phoebe 😀

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