BTN – North Korea.

This BTN was about North Korea and their recent treats to bomb the U.S and Australia. It talked about the reasons why we don’t need to worry too much and why we will be okay.

The first fact was that North Korea has been threatening other countries for years, but has never actually ended up bombing or doing anything. They have also started releasing YouTube videos about bombing the U.S excepted they have never actually ended up doing anything like that.

North Korea also loves to brag about their weapons and how powerful they are, when most of it isn’t true. They claim to have things that don’t even exist yet and show off weapons in parades that experts say are fake.

North Korea has ten estimated nuclear weapons.This may seem like a lot, but in reality if they were to start a nuclear war, they might not have the best time, trying to beat the U.S (who are allies of Australia) who have around 7000 war heads.

Two questions were, what is Donald Trump planning to do about this and what is he saying about it?

An insight was that I wish the world was more peaceful. I know this is common and not very original, but it would make life so much easier for everyone.

One thought on “BTN – North Korea.

  1. Brynn,
    your final insight is a huge one- it does seem so simple. Things would be so much better if the world were more peaceful….so why isn’t it?! What is it about humans that makes conflict so ubiquitous (look it up).
    One thing that is well worth wondering is, ‘are we getting more peaceful?’ There are some very interesting and optimistic studies on this that seem to indicate that although we see and are aware of a lot of conflict and violence, that in fact, if we look at how this has changed over time, we are in, fact getting better and better.
    Perhaps we can look forward to a future world that is still more peaceful- It’s gotta be worth working on hey!
    Great work,

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