BTN – WanaCry



Understandings or Insights

This BTN was about a very interesting topic. A virus that has recently blown up called WanaCry. Here are some facts, understandings, questions I got from this video.

WanaCry is a virus that has taken over more then 300,000 computers! No one knows exactly where it came from but some think it may have started with a secret government department called the National Security Agency. Apparently they go through technology software, searching for mistakes, that could be used to spy on people.

One of their mistakes was leaked online, and someone or some people decided to create a virus on it. It would pop up on the computer and threaten to delete all your viruses if you didn’t pay 400$ (Which it did) Viruses can be spread or infect your computer in many different ways. They can be downloads of the internet. Maybe a mod for a game or something like that, that you need to download. They can be from dodgy emails. These emails may be chain emails and by sending them you can infect someone else. It may also have a link you bring up that infects your computer. Finally, viruses can be spread on a network. If one person has a virus, they can spread through the whole network.

Two questions were who most likely did this? It’s a big deal and it would be great to identify the kind of people who do it. Also what other places did it effect? I heard about the hospitals but whatever important places did it effect.

An insight was it’s scary that these things can happen so quickly and they are so dangerous. It’s scary to think how vulnerable we can be online and on our computers.

Sturt’s Desert Pea adaptation predictions.

For our adaptations research project we’ve all been given a plant or animal to research that’s habitat is a desert. We also need to think about it’s adaptations. We are allowed to research them but first we need predictions, so we can reflect on them.

Here are my adaptation predictions for the Sturt’s Desert Pea:

If you didn’t know, Sturt’s desert pea is a red flower with black balls or peas inside of it. One of my predictions is that when the Sturt’s desert pea is dying, it will drop it’s peas that will act like seeds. They could be carried by things like sticking to animals or by the wind but they could also just stay where the flower died. This way it stays in a place with vegetation and grow, as opposed to being carried to some sandy spot in the desert where they could be buried or eaten by animals.

I also have a prediction that the layer covering the black pea may protect it from being eaten by animals? I’m not sure how this could work but I think the cover might it protect it in some way. The pea might be a very important necessary for it to survive.

Maybe the cover keeps it moist and keeps and stores the water inside of it. This is related to my previous prediction but more about keeping it hydrated and less about keeping itself safe.

100 WC – Art project

Max stared at his sculpture proudly. Fragile newspaper and glue made hands holding up a hamburger, barely helping it stand up. The art teacher raised an eyebrow.

“Did you make this Max?”

“Yes!” He replied a little too quickly.

The art teacher gently touched the sculpture. Within a matter of seconds it came crashing down, off the table. The newspaper and glue flopped onto the floor, leaving a gooey mess. The hamburger on the other hand smashed into a million pieces

From the pile of smashed clay, the teacher spotted something. A price tag on one of the pieces of the hamburger.


My goal this 100 WC was too use 3rd person.


Graphs – GPD per capita 2010

This graph shows the GPD in each county in 2010. The data shows that Korea earned the least, and the USA earned the most. I also concluded that these countries are very wealthy and earned a lot.

This is the right type of graph for this data because it suits large amounts, and it’s also very easy to see clearly who earns more and who earns the least.

Here is the data I made the graph from:

BTN – Pluto





This BTN was about Pluto, and why a group of scientists want it to become a planet again.

Pluto was discovered in 1930. Back then when they first discovered it, it was a planet. In 2006 Pluto was classified a dwarf planet. Basically, a dwarf planet is celestial body, that is too small to be classified as a planet.

Pluto is actually smaller than our moon and a couple other ones. It’s about 1/6th the size of Earth in diameter, making it 2,302 kilometres long. About 151 Pluto can fit inside of earth.

Some scientists want to call Pluto a planet again. Along with a lot of other celestial bodies. In fact these scientists want there to be 109 planets. They say the definition of a planet should be about it’s features and what you can find on the surface, stuff like that. That would make Pluto and our own Moon a planet!

Two questions were, does that mean we would have more planets in our Solar System or just more planets near us? Also if the moon became a planet, would we still call it our moon.

I think that their new definition of a planet makes more sense. I’m not completely sure yet, but I think it makes sense to have it be about the features of the planet. 


I collapse on the ground exhausted. Regret spreads within me. Why did I think I could run in this race without giving up? I stare at the orange track, as I get up and walk away, avoiding my family who are probably watching me with wide angry eyes.  My Mother will be shaking her head disappointed. My Dad might be shaking his fist, and my little brother Toby could be playing with his stuffed crocodile, oblivious to my defeat. I keep walking, staring at the long track. People run past me with their arms up. They’ve finished all their laps. I still have two more to go.

BTN- Blood Donations

Facts that I got from the BTN

Facts I got from researching or prior knowledge



This was about blood donating and how it is really important to some people’s lives. Here is what I got from this video:

One fact that I found very interesting was that, one in three Australians will need donated blood at some point in their lives. This fact shows how important it is to donate blood if you are fit to do it, and old enough to do it. Many people obviously need the help, and from this BTN it seems very easy and worth it. You can only donate blood if your healthy and over the age of sixteen. This is so you don’t give anyone else anything bad. If you were sick and donated blood, you could pass something on which would be bad for that person’s health.

Blood can be used for many different medical conditions. It can go to people with Cancer and other diseases where the blood isn’t healthy. It actually can be used for 22 different causes which is amazing when you think about it. The human body has 5 litres of blood and you can use 1 litre to save 3 people’s lives. 

Another thing you can do other than just donating blood is donating plasma. When you donate plasma, they originally take the blood. After they’ve done that, they put it in a spinning machine and separate the blood from the plasma that comes with it. Once they separate it, they take the blood and put it back in your body. They take the plasma and use it to help someone who’s blood isn’t the way is should be or unhealthy. Plasma is more of a yellowish colour. 

In America, you can get payed to donate blood. The reason they don’t do this in Australia is so that they can avoid safety hazards. For example, most people donating blood will be doing it because they need the money. These people may be desperate for money, and people that are like this may be unhealthy. They can lie on the questionnaire, that ask questions that are very important to answer no to, just so that they can get the money. 

An insight was that donating blood is important. If you can, it’s a great thing to do because it helps someone in need. According to my Mum, the needle doesn’t hurt, the blood is easy to donate, and at the end you can get a cookie or something. In the end the actual reward isn’t just the cookie, it’s being able to help someone who is in need of blood.

What does plasma actually help? I know it’s to help unhealthy blood because it’s part of the blood, but I’d really like to know what it actually helps. Another question was what other causes can donated blood help, and what is wrong with the blood cells when you need to donate?

So in conclusion blood is easy to donate, it doesn’t hurt, and you get a free cookie! Every Australian should try to donate blood so that they can help someone in need.

100 WC – My food

I open my lunchbox, licking my lips. It smells delicious. I look inside to see my favourite foods, steaming rice and daal with naan. I don’t hesitate to dig in, but I’m interrupted by a girl across from me.

“Ew!” She spits at me. “What is that?”

I look at the ground, embarrassed. She has a lunchbox full of pizza and tiny teddies.

“My lunch,” I respond timidly.

She snorts. “I just couldn’t eat something so – so” She looks lost for words.

“Different?” I ask.

“I guess,” she says, shrugging, and pops a tiny teddy in her mouth.


My goal for this 100 WC was to do something with a character that less of us can relate to at our school. Our school has mainly kids who eat the same stuff as each other, but we may have a few who don’t. Some kids come from other countries (Like India the one I chose for this piece) For them it’s different. They don’t always have the same food we do.  I wanted to have a character who is of a different race.

(Sorry if I spelt any of the foods wrong or it didn’t make sense)

BTN – North Korea.

This BTN was about North Korea and their recent treats to bomb the U.S and Australia. It talked about the reasons why we don’t need to worry too much and why we will be okay.

The first fact was that North Korea has been threatening other countries for years, but has never actually ended up bombing or doing anything. They have also started releasing YouTube videos about bombing the U.S excepted they have never actually ended up doing anything like that.

North Korea also loves to brag about their weapons and how powerful they are, when most of it isn’t true. They claim to have things that don’t even exist yet and show off weapons in parades that experts say are fake.

North Korea has ten estimated nuclear weapons.This may seem like a lot, but in reality if they were to start a nuclear war, they might not have the best time, trying to beat the U.S (who are allies of Australia) who have around 7000 war heads.

Two questions were, what is Donald Trump planning to do about this and what is he saying about it?

An insight was that I wish the world was more peaceful. I know this is common and not very original, but it would make life so much easier for everyone.

100 WC – the slime dripped through

My goal for this 100 WC is to make it creepy and leave you wanting more. I want to do this by using 2nd person (We did this, We did that) and making the reader wonder who is talking.

We watch as Ellie walks through the attic, her feet make the floorboards creak, and she jumps. It’s pitch black for her, she can’t see a thing. We laugh to ourselves silently. Her eyes are wide and she keeps looking straight at us, crouched on the floor but doesn’t see a thing. Nobody ever sees a thing. The slime drips through the ceiling. We hear the creature above start to move towards her. She screams and tries to run away towards the window. We can’t keep it in! We start laughing. The human pushes the window, with the last of her strength, but she can’t. Goodbye Ellie…