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BTN homework:

The BTN I chose for this week was called the River Kids. It was a 15 minute long video talking about the Murray River and how it effects some kids and there daily lives and why they need and depend on it. This is what I got from this video:

The first kid that they talked about depended on the river to fish. Murray cod is a type of fish that are specific to the Murray River. Instead of killing the Murray Cod or eating them, Jock would release them so that they could go off and breed and populate the river. But they also would catch Carp and Red Fin, other types of fish and try to get them out of the river to stop them from overpopulating it. This was because there were too many of them and they were a threat to Cod.

The second story I found interesting was of two girls who lived on a vineyard farm. Basically what a vineyard farm is, is that they grow grapes and they are usually made for wine. Where they live it gets dry in the summer so they had to use to water of the Murray River to solve that, but they have to pay for the water they use. This is because if everyone had free access to the water, it would run out almost instantly. It isn’t a infinite water source and it’s important that people don’t take too much.

Finally there was a group of kids who were year 11 who came to the Murray River to learn about the science of the River. By the looks of it they learnt a lot about fish and about the water. I think this was a good idea because people should be learning more about their environment. I don’t live anywhere near the Murray River but watching this video really made me happy that they are doing stuff like this.

One more insight I had was that I’m glad they made this BTN. I didn’t know much about the Murray River before this, but now I want to help and I know more.

A question was what other animals other fish depend on the Murray and what would actually happen if the Murray was taken away from these people?

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  1. Brynn,
    I think it was good that you told the different people’s perspective and why they need the Murray River. I really like it but I think it has something to do with my own personal connection with the Murray River. It was -and still is- a big part of my childhood. I used to go their with family and it was kinda like our own weird but special tradition and hearing you say that you want to help really makes me happy.


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