100 WC – Ant

My goal for this 100 WC was to write in realistic fiction. I write a lot of fantasy and I wanted to try something new.

Half way through our picnic I saw an ant. To me this was nothing, maybe even a little annoying, but to my daughter this was amazing. Like the curious kid she was she followed the ant. After a while I decided to follow her, because I didn’t wan’t her getting lost. So I found her and there she was. I crouched down and watched the ant with her for a while. This annoying little guy that was stealing food at our picnic was pushing water. Pushing a tiny drop of water that would be a boulder to him. It was a little thing but to me it was amazing.

3 thoughts on “100 WC – Ant

  1. Hi Brynn
    I love your approach to this 100wc. To have the main character not be the ant itself, and have it through the eyes of someone else. But you still included stuff that was about how the ant would see it, like how the water droplet would be like a boulder to him. I really like how you related it to real life and wasn’t very “magical”.

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