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This video was about Anh Do, a refugee from Vietnam who arrived to Australia when he was 2 years old. He has grown up to become a bestselling author and his brother became the Australian of the year Here is what I got from the video:

Anh Do and his family travelled to Australia on a boat. They were travelling for five days before being picked up by a German ship and dropped off at Australia. Anh Do said that Australia really accepted him and welcomed him and his family with open arms. An insight on this was that Australia has really changed since 1851 when Australians believed that the Chinese were stealing their money and wanted to create laws to keep them away. Australia has really grown to become more loving and accepting and less racist. Another fact was that Anh Do left Vietnam because of the war that was going on. He said that his Uncle was a sapper for the war (someone who clears land mines)

Something that fascinated me he said was that the crew on board wanted to take him and his family in on the boat but the captain would only do it if their ship was sinking. So they tossed him and axe and since no one could understand German on his ship, his father had to figure out they wanted him to make a hole in the boat. It was a huge act of kindness.

Two questions were, did Ahn ever experience major racism that effected him and did he ever face any huge problems with being a refugee?

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