BTN – Federation in Australia

This video was about the federation of Australia, and some important events in it’s history. Here is what I got from this video:

In 1642 a Dutch explorer discovered Tasmania. If he had claimed the land and built a colony of his own, Australia wouldn’t be what it is today. We would all probably speak Dutch. It was actually claimed in 1770 by James Cook (Captain Cook) who claimed it as Britain. I was wondering why James didn’t claim it first?

Another fact was that the train tracks in Victoria and Melbourne were different sizes. I was wondering why it was like this? Was it because they wanted to be as separated as possible? Or did it just turn out like that?  

My final fact was that the bigger colonies were worried that they would have to provide the smaller ones with money. An insight was that it seemed very separated back then and very different from the country we know today.

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