100 WC – ..but how can something so tiny …

I held the stem of the flower in my pinched fingers, and looked at it in awe. The red petals shot outwards from the middle of the flower and then curved inward, giving it a strange look. I compared the flower to my thumb, it was only slightly bigger. Looking at it gave me a strange feeling that I couldn’t quite understand. I guess you could say it made me wonder how something so tiny could be so beautiful. How something so small and usually unnoticed in a field of large colourful flowers could make such an impact on me.

2 thoughts on “100 WC – ..but how can something so tiny …

  1. WOW!!! That 100 Word Challenge was probably the best one I have read so far. It included so much detail and you could really tell how this flower impacted you. Amazing job!!

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