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This video was a thirteen minute long radio show about The Rocks in Sydney where convicts lived. It gave lots of facts about their lives and how the lived together. It was very informative and talked a lot about their houses and businesses. Here is what I got from the video:


A fact I got was that the convicts ran their own businesses and built their own houses. Some of them worked for the government. They said if you had the skill to run your business than you would, like butchery and stone masonry. These were the examples they gave but I thought of jobs like bakers and farmers possibly.

They also built there own houses which only usually had two rooms. They had inner and outer rooms. In the inner room I thought it sounded a lot like a large bedroom. You might have your bed, valuables, etc. A privater room, but the outer room would be the kitchen, a fire place, somewhere to maybe have a dinner or a celebration I thought.

Finally I had that the Rocks was kind of more of a colony more than having five hours of work everyday for the government and getting beaten every ten seconds.The Rocks were somewhere you’d go if you had the skills to set up a new life as a butcher or something else. People who didn’t have the skills did work for the government.

Three questions I had were, what was the work for the government they did? And if it was hard work that required lots of effiort and if it was very cruel and mean to the convicts.

An understanding was that the life wasn’t as I said getting beaten every five seconds, it helped the convicts set up new starts for themselves, and in a way I thought with the right skills, it might be better to go to The Rocks in Sydney for the convicts than in England as someone with hardly any money.

One thought on “Convict life in the Rocks – Video Reflection

  1. Great work Brynn,
    I was most heartened to see that someone chose to challenge themselves and listen to this interview. Although not as easy, it gave the reward of loads of information on the lives of convicts at this time. It filled in a picture that is so much different to what we might imagine a prisoner’s life at this time would be like. I loved the way you shared so much of this information in your own words and broke it into paragraphs that were coherent.
    Your insight brought together the overall meaning of the piece extremely well.
    Well done!

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