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The videos we watched were about the English people coming to Australia for the first time. One was in the Aboriginals point of view: (Aboriginals point of view). And one from the English’s point of view: (English’s point of view).

Here is what I got from the first one:

The English brought cows to Australia. In the video Waruwi saw a cow for the first time. They weren’t familiar with them, because cows don’t live in the bush. It gave her a warning when she heard the drummer boy. The second fact was that the aboriginals thought the cow was a monster. She said that it had four legs and chewed the ground. Hearing her say that made me think of myself in her shoes. If I saw a cow for the first I’d be scared too! My final fact was that the aboriginals called the English people the ghost people.

Two questions I had were; did the English people harm the aboriginals when they discovered them? And what did the Aboriginals think of the ghost people? Were they afraid they would harm them? Did they think they were like animals?

An understanding was that Waruwi must have been very confused with the cow and the ghost people. It is very different to the way she must have lived before.

Here is what I got from the second video:

The first thing I learnt was that in London the population was very high therefore not enough work for everyone and that meant that there was mass poverty. This lead the crime rates to go up, and people needed to steal to survive and feed their families. 

The second fact I got was that the jails were so crowded they needed to take them to Australia. That fact gave me a good feel of how crowed London really was and how desperate people really were. Finally my last fact was that more than 700 convicts were jammed onto the ships that took them to New South Wales, 20 of them died.

Two questions were, what did the convicts think about Australia and what were the different punishments for different crimes?

An understanding was that it must of been very hard to survive as someone poor back then. Stealing might have been your last resort, but it was so hard to get away with it.


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  1. Brynn,
    The high standards you set yourself and your attention to detail shine through in this refection. Your recalls showed you clearly understood the important information and can communicate it in your own words. Your questions and insights show you have thought deeply about the messages and concepts and are able to imagine yourself in these contexts to help you understand their perspectives.
    Keep up the excellent work,

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