Reflection of camp

From the 20th of February to the 24th the grade 5/6’s went to Cape Bridge-water coastal camp. It was about a three minute walk to the beach from where we were staying, and most of us said it was the best camp we had ever been to. In my opinion I really liked it. It really stretched most kids (even me) out of our comfort zone. We did a large range of activities; Archery, Surfing, seal tours, abseiling, snorkelling, sand boarding, and caving. It might seem like a lot for five days and trust me it was. By the end we were all so exhausted we could barely stay awake, but it was lots of fun. Two of my favourite things were doing the seal tours and caving.

We started off the seal tours by getting in a boat. The waves on the ocean that day were really high, so when we went on it, it was like a roller-coaster! We went against the waves so we kept going up and down. After we pulled over and stopped going up and down we saw seals. They were light grey and brown, and super energetic! The best part was that they weren’t afraid of us! They didn’t come to close but they didn’t swim away! It was super fun to see seals in their natural habitats and not in zoos.

My favourite thing was caving! Although I chose to wear my white pants on the wrong day! We got super dirty in the end from crawling under tight spaces, climbing up ledges, rolling, etc. At one point to get under a tight space, it was easier to roll side ways than to crawl! Then after that, we actually crawled in a tunnel, in the dark! There were also frogs that lived in an open space. They live under rocks and around there. The man touring us said that they had fallen through a big hole that stretched from the grass above, to the cave and got stuck. We wore miner helmets that had lights on them although I still found it hard to see. I thought that caving was super fun!

Like I said, we didn’t just do caving and seal tours but those were my favourite things. Abseiling might have been the scariest one because we walked down a cliff basically!  It was the best camp I had ever been to! The activities made everyone go out of their comfort zone and we all had lots of fun! It was a lot of activities and events going on, but everything we did from the talent show, to archery was amazing. If I ever get the chance to go back, I’ll do it.

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