BTN – Anh Do




This video was about Anh Do, a refugee from Vietnam who arrived to Australia when he was 2 years old. He has grown up to become a bestselling author and his brother became the Australian of the year Here is what I got from the video:

Anh Do and his family travelled to Australia on a boat. They were travelling for five days before being picked up by a German ship and dropped off at Australia. Anh Do said that Australia really accepted him and welcomed him and his family with open arms. An insight on this was that Australia has really changed since 1851 when Australians believed that the Chinese were stealing their money and wanted to create laws to keep them away. Australia has really grown to become more loving and accepting and less racist. Another fact was that Anh Do left Vietnam because of the war that was going on. He said that his Uncle was a sapper for the war (someone who clears land mines)

Something that fascinated me he said was that the crew on board wanted to take him and his family in on the boat but the captain would only do it if their ship was sinking. So they tossed him and axe and since no one could understand German on his ship, his father had to figure out they wanted him to make a hole in the boat. It was a huge act of kindness.

Two questions were, did Ahn ever experience major racism that effected him and did he ever face any huge problems with being a refugee?

100 WC – Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera

It really was hard to imagine anything more beautiful than that small animal. I stood in the jungle, my hands not yet as wrinkled and elderly as the ones I have today, clutching the old camera. The animal glanced up at me with black worried eyes, but didn’t run away as I raised my rusty brown camera and snapped a photo. I still don’t know if I regret not selling that photo. I mean, if I did, I’d be filthy rich. But in a way it’s like keeping a forever hidden secret. I know about something that nobody else does.

Why ‘The Power to make Laws for All’ is the most important reason for Federation.

The reason ‘The Power to make Laws for All’ is the most important reason for Federation in Australia is because as one country, it is easier to make new laws for the country. Most people wanted to make laws about Migration (banning immigrants from Australia, such as the Chinese, to stop them from taking their money) which is another big reason for Federation. People also wanted to give women the right to vote, because at the time, only men could. If all the colonies united to become one they could enforce laws to shape Australia into the country we know today.

BTN – Federation in Australia

This video was about the federation of Australia, and some important events in it’s history. Here is what I got from this video:

In 1642 a Dutch explorer discovered Tasmania. If he had claimed the land and built a colony of his own, Australia wouldn’t be what it is today. We would all probably speak Dutch. It was actually claimed in 1770 by James Cook (Captain Cook) who claimed it as Britain. I was wondering why James didn’t claim it first?

Another fact was that the train tracks in Victoria and Melbourne were different sizes. I was wondering why it was like this? Was it because they wanted to be as separated as possible? Or did it just turn out like that?  

My final fact was that the bigger colonies were worried that they would have to provide the smaller ones with money. An insight was that it seemed very separated back then and very different from the country we know today.

100 WC – ..but how can something so tiny …

I held the stem of the flower in my pinched fingers, and looked at it in awe. The red petals shot outwards from the middle of the flower and then curved inward, giving it a strange look. I compared the flower to my thumb, it was only slightly bigger. Looking at it gave me a strange feeling that I couldn’t quite understand. I guess you could say it made me wonder how something so tiny could be so beautiful. How something so small and usually unnoticed in a field of large colourful flowers could make such an impact on me.

100 WC – So that is why I am always last.

“So the reason that I’m always last to class is because my sister takes forever in the morning to get ready.” I say to my teacher. He rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

“Not good enough,” He snaps, crossing his arms and putting all his weight on his left leg like he had so many more important things to be listening to than my story. His breath reeks of coffee.

“She takes two hours – two full hours, just to do her hair. Her hair!” I moan to him.

“So?” He asks.

“So that’s why I’m always last to class…”

Convict life in the Rocks – Video Reflection




This video was a thirteen minute long radio show about The Rocks in Sydney where convicts lived. It gave lots of facts about their lives and how the lived together. It was very informative and talked a lot about their houses and businesses. Here is what I got from the video:


A fact I got was that the convicts ran their own businesses and built their own houses. Some of them worked for the government. They said if you had the skill to run your business than you would, like butchery and stone masonry. These were the examples they gave but I thought of jobs like bakers and farmers possibly.

They also built there own houses which only usually had two rooms. They had inner and outer rooms. In the inner room I thought it sounded a lot like a large bedroom. You might have your bed, valuables, etc. A privater room, but the outer room would be the kitchen, a fire place, somewhere to maybe have a dinner or a celebration I thought.

Finally I had that the Rocks was kind of more of a colony more than having five hours of work everyday for the government and getting beaten every ten seconds.The Rocks were somewhere you’d go if you had the skills to set up a new life as a butcher or something else. People who didn’t have the skills did work for the government.

Three questions I had were, what was the work for the government they did? And if it was hard work that required lots of effiort and if it was very cruel and mean to the convicts.

An understanding was that the life wasn’t as I said getting beaten every five seconds, it helped the convicts set up new starts for themselves, and in a way I thought with the right skills, it might be better to go to The Rocks in Sydney for the convicts than in England as someone with hardly any money.

BTN – The first fleet / The encounter




The videos we watched were about the English people coming to Australia for the first time. One was in the Aboriginals point of view: (Aboriginals point of view). And one from the English’s point of view: (English’s point of view).

Here is what I got from the first one:

The English brought cows to Australia. In the video Waruwi saw a cow for the first time. They weren’t familiar with them, because cows don’t live in the bush. It gave her a warning when she heard the drummer boy. The second fact was that the aboriginals thought the cow was a monster. She said that it had four legs and chewed the ground. Hearing her say that made me think of myself in her shoes. If I saw a cow for the first I’d be scared too! My final fact was that the aboriginals called the English people the ghost people.

Two questions I had were; did the English people harm the aboriginals when they discovered them? And what did the Aboriginals think of the ghost people? Were they afraid they would harm them? Did they think they were like animals?

An understanding was that Waruwi must have been very confused with the cow and the ghost people. It is very different to the way she must have lived before.

Here is what I got from the second video:

The first thing I learnt was that in London the population was very high therefore not enough work for everyone and that meant that there was mass poverty. This lead the crime rates to go up, and people needed to steal to survive and feed their families. 

The second fact I got was that the jails were so crowded they needed to take them to Australia. That fact gave me a good feel of how crowed London really was and how desperate people really were. Finally my last fact was that more than 700 convicts were jammed onto the ships that took them to New South Wales, 20 of them died.

Two questions were, what did the convicts think about Australia and what were the different punishments for different crimes?

An understanding was that it must of been very hard to survive as someone poor back then. Stealing might have been your last resort, but it was so hard to get away with it.


Reflection of camp

From the 20th of February to the 24th the grade 5/6’s went to Cape Bridge-water coastal camp. It was about a three minute walk to the beach from where we were staying, and most of us said it was the best camp we had ever been to. In my opinion I really liked it. It really stretched most kids (even me) out of our comfort zone. We did a large range of activities; Archery, Surfing, seal tours, abseiling, snorkelling, sand boarding, and caving. It might seem like a lot for five days and trust me it was. By the end we were all so exhausted we could barely stay awake, but it was lots of fun. Two of my favourite things were doing the seal tours and caving.

We started off the seal tours by getting in a boat. The waves on the ocean that day were really high, so when we went on it, it was like a roller-coaster! We went against the waves so we kept going up and down. After we pulled over and stopped going up and down we saw seals. They were light grey and brown, and super energetic! The best part was that they weren’t afraid of us! They didn’t come to close but they didn’t swim away! It was super fun to see seals in their natural habitats and not in zoos.

My favourite thing was caving! Although I chose to wear my white pants on the wrong day! We got super dirty in the end from crawling under tight spaces, climbing up ledges, rolling, etc. At one point to get under a tight space, it was easier to roll side ways than to crawl! Then after that, we actually crawled in a tunnel, in the dark! There were also frogs that lived in an open space. They live under rocks and around there. The man touring us said that they had fallen through a big hole that stretched from the grass above, to the cave and got stuck. We wore miner helmets that had lights on them although I still found it hard to see. I thought that caving was super fun!

Like I said, we didn’t just do caving and seal tours but those were my favourite things. Abseiling might have been the scariest one because we walked down a cliff basically!  It was the best camp I had ever been to! The activities made everyone go out of their comfort zone and we all had lots of fun! It was a lot of activities and events going on, but everything we did from the talent show, to archery was amazing. If I ever get the chance to go back, I’ll do it.