My SRC application.

My name is Brynn and I have been going to this school for 3 years. SRC is a role that I’d love to have. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to be an SRC yet, but I’m really hoping that this year I can switch things around and finally get the chance to represent our fantastic school. Obviously since I’m up here and speaking to all of you, I believe that I am a great option to be a school representative. To be an SRC there are some things that will help you to be one. I believe that the things you need are; organisation, leadership, responsibility, and to be a great example to our school values.

Organisation. I’ve noticed that people tend to struggle with this one the most, and I’m not gonna lie, it’s not my strong point. But it is an area I’ve made huge improvements on over the past year. Organisation can be always remembering SRC meetings, to not forgetting a pencil everywhere you go. Both of these things are still examples of organisation student representatives may have to face. Some people think that organisation is just having a specific schedule. I think it’s always completing what tasks you have set like homework and making sure you are conscious of your time. I know that I have these traits. I am always finishing tasks in and out of school.

Leadership. Even if you aren’t a leader, SRC can help with that. I do consider myself as a leader and I think every person in this room should, but the question is if you are a good one. There isn’t actually good or bad leaders, but there are leaders that have more strong points. I’ll go over the other things that make me and everyone a better leader but then again these are things that help me to do my best at SRC.

Responsibility. Responsibility has a lot of elements. Being a role model is one of them. Being a role model is a big part of SRC. Your representing your school! If the younger grades that are in SRC are watching you muck around with your friend they’ll assume your doing the right thing! You need to show them and the whole school, what a good SRC looks like. Another element of responsibility is that people trust you to get something done or to act mature. At times we are all silly. With our friends mainly. But responsibility is acting mature when you know it’s needed. Like in meetings.

This has to do with being an example of our school values, and I’m positive you all know them, but for the sake of it, I’ll repeat them. Respect, optimism, care, and collaboration. I know I’ve talked a lot about being a role model, but I think it’s very important. Finally, it has to do with showing new parents to the school and children what our school stands for. SRC is a way to represent your school and showing what an amazing school it is.

Thank you.

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