Safer internet day!

Today me and my partner Harguan and the rest of 5/6 and Victoria went on a presentation for safer internet day. The presentation was about staying private and safe online. It gave us a picture of what could happen if your social media isn’t private. The way they taught us about it, was by coming up with a scenario to give us an idea of what could happen.

It was about a made up television program, called LollyLabJr. In order to get into the program you had to make an audition tape to get in. After the girl made her audition tape, she started receiving hate for it. Then we started talking about how strangers could get hold of your private information and how you can report them at Kids Helpline. The program also let us answer questions and what we thought about situations.

Overall, I thought that the program was fun. and gave us a good idea of how to deal with tricky situations online. Something I thought they could improve on would be to make the situation more relatable. I thought that LollyLabJR is something I will never experience and to get the message across, I need to put myself in her shoes, but I still think that I understand what they are saying.

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