BTN – The sizes and scales of our solar system.

This video was about what the sizes and scales of our solar system really are, and how a group of people made a time lapse to give us the real perspective of what it really looks like.

The first thing I learnt was that if you search up a picture of the solar system, what you find isn’t actually what the scale is. The video states that in pictures the Earth and The Moon, are shown very close together, when in reality they are farther apart. The second fact was that, you need 7 miles of empty space to make an actual model, and finally I learnt that, Venus is the same size as the Earth. Two understandings I got were that lot’s of people don’t understand how big the Earth is and gave me an understanding of how different in terms of sizes the planets are. A question was, has anyone else made an accurate model of the solar system?

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