BTN – Humans in space.

This Btn was about the progress of space exploration or humans in space. It gave lots of facts about the history of space exploration.

The first fact that I learnt from this BTN was that people have been living in the international space station since 2000. This fact kind of surprised me. It made me think of all the progress we have made with space exploration and having people in space since not that long ago.

The second fact was that, they are planning to make a reality TV show out of people going to mars. I knew about their plans to go to Mars already, but I didn’t know it was going to be a reality TV show. I feel like going to Mars would be more of a serious dangerous kind of trip. Not one you make a reality TV show out of.

The last thing I learnt was about space tourism. Companies like Virgin Galactic want to introduce tourism in space. Tourism in space is where they are taking people who sign up to space.

Two questions I had were, how much money does it cost to do space tourism? And how is SpaceX planning to bring people to Mars? What are their plans for shelter and food?

One thing I understood was that we have made a lot of progress since when we first got people into space. It has been a huge achievement and something we are going to make even more progress on.

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