My goals for next year.

One of my goals for next year is to be organised. I came to this school in year four, not knowing much about how the things here work. Although I am in year five now, I want to be more organised with things like: Debates, Goals and reflections, my diary, and homework. Being more organised could also improve my leadership and help me to become a leader. Organisation is something I have struggle with. It also feels nice to be organised because, you can get things done well and efficiently.


My second goal is to write about different topics. A lot of my previous goals have been to stop writing in fantasy. I never really achieved these goals because we haven’t done much writing this year. I want to start writing with themes like grief. I also want to write in different genres, it is important to do this because it can be fun to try new things, and write about something you don’t know much about. It can also help you find new techniques in writing like phrasing sentences.

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