The future of Space exploration and Discovery

Before I start with my 3 facts, 2 questions, and 1 understanding, I watched a video about this topic, since I didn’t understand it completely. I won’t use the facts I got from this video, it just helped me understand more. Here is the first video Antony assigned us:

Here is the one I watched for more information:

The first thing I learnt was that Mars has 38% of Earth’s gravity. This means that you can jump really high, like on the moon. The second thing I learnt was that it takes 6 months to get to Mars. This makes me think about how annoying it could be on a space ship, going to Mars for 6 months. I feel like I would get annoyed.

Finally I learnt that Spacex is going to use Methane to get to and from Mars, because it can be made on Mars.

Here are the questions I had: How long will it take them to build the structures, based on the conditions on mars? And; How much food and water will they have to bring with them?

An understanding I had,was that it may be hard to get that many people to Mars in such a short time.


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