BTN – Space food

This video was all about the food astronauts eat.

The first thing I learnt was that some food that they eat is already made and prepared for them sealed in tight envelope like packages to avoid bacteria entering the or reproducing in the food. The second thing I learnt was that they drink out of packages that look like tubes with straws to drink from. I made a connection to the applesauce tubes you drink/eat from that fact.

Finally I learnt that scientists have to inspect the food to make sure that it is safe to eat and the astronauts won’t get ill.

Two questions I had were what different food items do Russia and the united states get, and if they ever eat desserts? In the video, they said that packages with a red label are Russian food items and blue labels are united states. I was wondering what kind of different food items they get.

Something I understand is that it must be hard to be an astronaut because you must have to watch what your eating and exercise a lot so that you can be healthy. Being in space with zero gravity probably doesn’t give you much exercise because you aren’t walking or running anywhere, you are just floating.


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