BTN – Models of the Solar System; Earth, Sun and Moon

This video was about the planets, stars, the moon, and the sun, and how they move.  It was also about the progress we have made in understanding the way space works.

The first face I learnt was that the ancient Greeks believed that the Sun, Moon, and stars rotated around Earth, in perfect formation. The second fact I learnt was that the reason this system was wrong (besides the fact that the Earth rotates around the sun) was that the stars do not move in perfect formation. They move back and forth in space. Finally I learnt that in the 1700’s Galileo Galilei an astronomer built the very first telescope and one of his biggest discoveries was that Jupiter has four moons.

The first question I had was; what other discoveries did Galileo Galilei make? And; were there any other other cultures that had a big role in space understanding, or was it just Greece?

My understanding was that we still have a long way to go in space understanding.

E – Safety :) With Zoe

This webinar was created to educate kids on scams and security. It was aimed at children in grades 3-6 about awareness of the internet and scams you might come across. From this, we should try to explore websites and get a better understandings of security and scams. It’s showed us that we have to be a little more careful and that’s what we are going to do. Maybe, they could’ve done more inclusive things.

BTN – Humans in space.

This Btn was about the progress of space exploration or humans in space. It gave lots of facts about the history of space exploration.

The first fact that I learnt from this BTN was that people have been living in the international space station since 2000. This fact kind of surprised me. It made me think of all the progress we have made with space exploration and having people in space since not that long ago.

The second fact was that, they are planning to make a reality TV show out of people going to mars. I knew about their plans to go to Mars already, but I didn’t know it was going to be a reality TV show. I feel like going to Mars would be more of a serious dangerous kind of trip. Not one you make a reality TV show out of.

The last thing I learnt was about space tourism. Companies like Virgin Galactic want to introduce tourism in space. Tourism in space is where they are taking people who sign up to space.

Two questions I had were, how much money does it cost to do space tourism? And how is SpaceX planning to bring people to Mars? What are their plans for shelter and food?

One thing I understood was that we have made a lot of progress since when we first got people into space. It has been a huge achievement and something we are going to make even more progress on.

My goals for next year.

One of my goals for next year is to be organised. I came to this school in year four, not knowing much about how the things here work. Although I am in year five now, I want to be more organised with things like: Debates, Goals and reflections, my diary, and homework. Being more organised could also improve my leadership and help me to become a leader. Organisation is something I have struggle with. It also feels nice to be organised because, you can get things done well and efficiently.


My second goal is to write about different topics. A lot of my previous goals have been to stop writing in fantasy. I never really achieved these goals because we haven’t done much writing this year. I want to start writing with themes like grief. I also want to write in different genres, it is important to do this because it can be fun to try new things, and write about something you don’t know much about. It can also help you find new techniques in writing like phrasing sentences.

Semester 2 reflection and goals.

My goals for semester 2 were:

I would like to get better at fractions since I don’t really understand them very well. I have gotten a lot better at fractions since I started the year due to all of the lessons we did. I understand much more than I did from the start of the year. We did lots of practice which made me much better.

I would like to learn how to write stories/narratives in different genres. We didn’t do much work on narratives, therefore I didn’t get much work on them. I still tend to write fantasy.

I would like to learn to give speeches without cue cards, to do this I can start out by giving dot points about the info I want and then eventually memorising them. I did a project with Chiara where we had to present without cue cards. At first I was nervous but then I got through it.

Semester 2 term 4 reflection:

I would like to get better at fractions since I don’t really understand them very well, I have got an even better understanding of fractions with decimals. Fractions have helped me understand decimals better even if I still don’t understand them 100%.

I would like to learn how to write stories/narratives in different genres, I still write in fantasy because I feel most comfortable writing it. I feel like this because I don’t have to know much about a place or topic to write it, I can just make it up. My next story will be fiction.

I would like to learn to give speeches without cue cards, I did a debate without cue cards so I am getting quite comfortable. I still am aiming to memorise long speeches without cue cards.


The future of Space exploration and Discovery

Before I start with my 3 facts, 2 questions, and 1 understanding, I watched a video about this topic, since I didn’t understand it completely. I won’t use the facts I got from this video, it just helped me understand more. Here is the first video Antony assigned us:

Here is the one I watched for more information:

The first thing I learnt was that Mars has 38% of Earth’s gravity. This means that you can jump really high, like on the moon. The second thing I learnt was that it takes 6 months to get to Mars. This makes me think about how annoying it could be on a space ship, going to Mars for 6 months. I feel like I would get annoyed.

Finally I learnt that Spacex is going to use Methane to get to and from Mars, because it can be made on Mars.

Here are the questions I had: How long will it take them to build the structures, based on the conditions on mars? And; How much food and water will they have to bring with them?

An understanding I had,was that it may be hard to get that many people to Mars in such a short time.


BTN – Space food

This video was all about the food astronauts eat.

The first thing I learnt was that some food that they eat is already made and prepared for them sealed in tight envelope like packages to avoid bacteria entering the or reproducing in the food. The second thing I learnt was that they drink out of packages that look like tubes with straws to drink from. I made a connection to the applesauce tubes you drink/eat from that fact.

Finally I learnt that scientists have to inspect the food to make sure that it is safe to eat and the astronauts won’t get ill.

Two questions I had were what different food items do Russia and the united states get, and if they ever eat desserts? In the video, they said that packages with a red label are Russian food items and blue labels are united states. I was wondering what kind of different food items they get.

Something I understand is that it must be hard to be an astronaut because you must have to watch what your eating and exercise a lot so that you can be healthy. Being in space with zero gravity probably doesn’t give you much exercise because you aren’t walking or running anywhere, you are just floating.