BTN – Space rock

This BTN was about meteors, comets, and asteroids, and particularly about one that hit Russia in 2013.

The first thing I learnt was that comets are made out of ice and dust and are usually on the outer part of the solar system. Since they are made of ice they melt when they get close to the sun. A second thing I learnt was that when meteors hit the ground they are called meteorites. I never actually thought about how they are different words. I guess I assumed meteor was slang for meteorite. A meteorite in space is a meteor a meteorite is one that has hit the ground. The last thing I learnt was that the force was 20 times bigger than an atomic bomb. This got me thinking about how dangerous things in space can be.

Two questions I had were if there were any other asteroids like that that effected the world like they effected Russia. My second question was, if the asteroid killed anyone. They talked about it injuring people but not killing anyone.

Finally my understanding was that even if an asteroid doesn’t hit you exactly, the shock-wave could kill you.

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