Our solar system.

This video was about our solar system, it gives lots of very interesting facts that I did not know. Here is what I learnt from it:

Mars is home to the biggest mountain in all of our solar system. It is called Olympus Mons and is 26 km tall meaning that it is more than 3 times as tall.

The second fact I learnt was that Jupiter experiences very bad storms something very interesting it said as well after this is that it has a storm called the great red spot  that is three times as large as earth, I found this very interesting.

Finally I learnt that Venus will never cool down due to it’s green house gases.

2 questions I had were what kind of storms do Jupiter have? Do they had bad thunder storms or meteor showers? The other question I had was how many earth’s could fit into the sun? I’d like to know this to give me a better understanding of how big it is.

An understanding I had was how big Jupiter is. I got this understanding by the fact about it’s storm the giant red spot.


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