Space video reflection

There were three civilisations in ancient times that really effected our knowledge of space and astronomy today. They were the: Ancient Greeks,  the Babylon and the Maya.

The Babylons had a system of number from which they created calendars. From this fact I understood that calendars are a big part in everything we do today and they can help us to predict and record patterns and learn more things about space.

The second thing I learnt was that the Maya also made a calendar that was focused on the base of twenty. I found this very interesting because we use the base of ten today, and it is very interesting to see other ancient cultures using different types of numbering. Their calendar helped them predict the motions of the planets.

Finally Ancient Greece was the home to many very intelligent astronomers that discovered many things like the Ptolemaic system that continues to give us even more information on space and astronomy.

Finally, a question I had was if there are any more very important civilisations that influenced some of our greatest discoveries.

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