School captain speech

Hi my name is Brynn Valentine, some of you may not know me very well because I have only been at this school for two years and I haven’t had the chance to be in the same class as everyone, I used to live in America near New York City, but I like Melbourne better. I have two brothers younger at the school. Evan who is in year three, and Rhys who is in prep. Although I have only been at this for two years I know a lot of the students here because of my brothers

I believe that being a school captain would be a good opportunity for me. I like being a leader because I like the feeling of having responsibilities and a big role in our school. I know that I have the confidence and the determination but I also believe that I have many traits that a school captain needs, like responsibility and organisation.

First I will talk about my organisation skills. A school caption needs to be able to organise events and things happening at the school, and they may have a lot of work that they need to do. I do six activities a week and I always have a good plan for when I do my homework and I fit my homework in to my night’s every day.

Having this many activities also proves that I like trying new things and would be up to do any task given to me.

I also have very good presentation skills. I have always liked acting, public speaking, and being in front of crowds. I will soon be in the play for our school concert as one of the main roles. I know that being school captain requires a lot of confidence in public speaking like speaking in front of assemblies and giving speeches. This is something I am confident with.

Another thing about being a school captain is being a good role model. If you stand up in front of everyone during assemblies, the preps and younger grades will look up to you.  I feel like I set a good example to younger grades.

In conclusion I believe that I have these traits that school captains need. I have good organisation skills, I am always up to any task, I have good presentation skills, and I am a good role model. I hope you all enjoyed my speech. Thank you for listening to my speech.



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