BTN – Greyhound ban

This BTN article was about greyhound racing and how New South Wales wants to ban the sport. Here is what I learnt from this video:

Greyhound racing involves animal cruelty. Lots of greyhounds are killed/put down when they are not fit out to keep competing. This means that thousands of greyhounds all over the world are being killed. Another thing I understood was that small creatures like rabbits and birds are being used for bait. Although this isn’t that big of a problem, it is still very cruel. Finally I learnt that Australia is one of the eight countries that allows greyhound racing, the other being: Mexico, USA, Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, and Macau.

Two things I understood were that if greyhound racing gets banned thousands of jobs could be lost and many people may have to rely on the government for money. I also understand that if we ban greyhound racing many of the dogs will have to go to shelters.

A question I had was if there was any other things that they did to the dogs, because I was interested in what they did to them.


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