BTN – Comparing Haiti and Chile

This BTN was about the Haiti and Chile earthquakes in 2010. I learnt a lot from it. Here are something’s I learnt:

The earthquake that Chile experienced caused a tsunami that went across the pacific but hit Chile really badly. Second of all I learnt that the Haiti earthquake measured 7 on the Richter scale whereas Chile was 8.8. Finally I learnt that the Chile earthquake only lasted for a minute but it was so powerful and released so much energy that it changed the earth’s rotation slightly.

2 things I understand were that earthquakes are worse for poorer countries since they may not have enough money to keep their country safe, and that even though an earthquake may not be that powerful, it can still cause a lot more damage.

A question I have is that, what are some other good ways to keep buildings safe from earthquakes other than reinforcing them?

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