100 WC #3 Term 3

“I am very frustrated Fish.” I say my servant scowling. His hair sticks up in spikes damp with sweat.

“But master…” Hey says trembling. “How would I have known that the victim would have run away when I tried to kidnap them?”

I shake my head, embarrassed that my servant could of let this happen.

“Fish…” I sigh. “I honestly have no words.”

He puts his head in his hands still shaking, tears leaking down his face.

I stare at Fish. His face is as white as snow. His eyes were puffy and bulging.

“Off to the dungeon with you.”

My goal for this 100 WC is to write from the villain’s point of view, and try to use the logic that villains use, based off of how I see them in movies and on TV. I would also like to try and give my own kind of twist to how villains think since stories and movies are always told by the hero.


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