BTN – Rabbit restriction

This BTN was about the ban in Queensland on having a pet rabbit. Here is what I learnt:

If you are caught with a rabbit in Queensland you could have to pay a 44,000 dollar fine. Another thing I learnt was that when they tried to get rid of rabbit for good they used two viruses called myxomatosis and calicivirus, they wiped out millions of rabbits but didn’t manage to kill all of them. Finally I learnt that the European settlers brought them here.

I understood that lots of people want to save rabbits because they believe that they are very cute. I also understand that a lot of people think different things.

A question I had was; what are the other laws in different countries?

100 WC #7 Term 3

The crowd cheered loudly as something happened on the football field. My sister elbowed me and pointed to the field.

“Did you see that?” She exclaimed.

I looked up briefly but continued to play on my phone as she talked, bored and unimpressed with the game.

“Jessica!” She yelled in my ear loudly.

Shocked, I dropped my phone onto the ground. It made a loud cracking sound.

Everyone looked at us as I yelled at my sister.

“You made me drop my phone!”

Sophia quickly looked away from me pretending that she didn’t do anything. Something that she often did.

“This is your fault” I mumbled looking at my cracked phone.


BTN – Greyhound ban

This BTN article was about greyhound racing and how New South Wales wants to ban the sport. Here is what I learnt from this video:

Greyhound racing involves animal cruelty. Lots of greyhounds are killed/put down when they are not fit out to keep competing. This means that thousands of greyhounds all over the world are being killed. Another thing I understood was that small creatures like rabbits and birds are being used for bait. Although this isn’t that big of a problem, it is still very cruel. Finally I learnt that Australia is one of the eight countries that allows greyhound racing, the other being: Mexico, USA, Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, and Macau.

Two things I understood were that if greyhound racing gets banned thousands of jobs could be lost and many people may have to rely on the government for money. I also understand that if we ban greyhound racing many of the dogs will have to go to shelters.

A question I had was if there was any other things that they did to the dogs, because I was interested in what they did to them.


100 WC #4 Term 3

We slowly walked along the dirt path leading to the Flamingo exhibit at the zoo, the sun beating down on us. My brother walked by my side constantly annoying me as per usual. He repeatedly poked me on the arm causing me to yell at him.

“It is so extraordinary how annoying you can be!”

His face looked so innocent underneath is mop of black hair. I glared at him and then walked ahead towards the Flamingo exhibit hoping that my brother wouldn’t follow me.

He walked towards me again, that cheeky grin on his face once again.

“Just leave me alone!” I yelled.

BTN – Comparing Haiti and Chile

This BTN was about the Haiti and Chile earthquakes in 2010. I learnt a lot from it. Here are something’s I learnt:

The earthquake that Chile experienced caused a tsunami that went across the pacific but hit Chile really badly. Second of all I learnt that the Haiti earthquake measured 7 on the Richter scale whereas Chile was 8.8. Finally I learnt that the Chile earthquake only lasted for a minute but it was so powerful and released so much energy that it changed the earth’s rotation slightly.

2 things I understand were that earthquakes are worse for poorer countries since they may not have enough money to keep their country safe, and that even though an earthquake may not be that powerful, it can still cause a lot more damage.

A question I have is that, what are some other good ways to keep buildings safe from earthquakes other than reinforcing them?

100 WC #3 Term 3

“I am very frustrated Fish.” I say my servant scowling. His hair sticks up in spikes damp with sweat.

“But master…” Hey says trembling. “How would I have known that the victim would have run away when I tried to kidnap them?”

I shake my head, embarrassed that my servant could of let this happen.

“Fish…” I sigh. “I honestly have no words.”

He puts his head in his hands still shaking, tears leaking down his face.

I stare at Fish. His face is as white as snow. His eyes were puffy and bulging.

“Off to the dungeon with you.”

My goal for this 100 WC is to write from the villain’s point of view, and try to use the logic that villains use, based off of how I see them in movies and on TV. I would also like to try and give my own kind of twist to how villains think since stories and movies are always told by the hero.